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7 Reasons Why Justice League is the Worst Movie Ever

6. Looks awful

After watching the first trailer for this movie, my immediate thought was how awful the CGI looked. Cyborg’s robot parts were moving in a different direction then Ray Fisher was. It just looked odd. Two years later anddd no one fixed that. Is he claymation?

I cannot understand why DC continues to use that gross ass gray filter over all of their movies. Marvel works because it’s bright and colorful and hopeful. DC is a drag and boring and looks like my Friday night does as I slowly blackout and everything is slow motion.

Speaking of awful visuals, apparently Atlantis is just a couple of underwater pillars and an end table. That’s what they came up with for the hidden city of Atlantis? What did Atlantis look like in the early concept art? Only one pillar? So incredibly lazy and unimaginative. I had no desire to see Black Panther but when that trailer shows how gorgeous Wakanda is, I wanted to preorder immediately. Atlantis looks like the inside of a fish tank at a trap house.


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