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7 Reasons Why Justice League is the Worst Movie Ever

4. Sexualizing Wonder Woman

This movie made it very clear that only Patty Jenkins should be allowed near Wonder Woman from now Til infinity. There is a point where Gal Gadot starts a scene wearing tight leather pants, not sure why that is, and you can just feeeel that the cameramen about to get real creepy and without a fail, the longest shot in this entire movie is of Wonder Woman’s ass. The shot seemingly never ended.

Look, I’m all for sexually characters that are intended to be sexy. Catwoman cleavage shots, cool. Poison Ivy butt shots, dope. Wonder Woman isn’t a sexy character. She’s an icon and a role model. I felt chills when Wonder Woman charges into No Man’s Land and eats those bullets with her shield. In Justice League, I felt like a sex offender as I was forced to stare at butts.

Also real quick, yo Alfred, chillll with trying to get her to bang Bruce Wayne. We get it, you want to be the butler for more little Bat babies but like, relax. Every time Jeremy Irons was on screen it was to remind Bruce or Diana that the other one has genitals.


Written by Deadseriousness

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