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7 Reasons Why Justice League is the Worst Movie Ever

2. Big Bang Theory Allen

Ezra Miller is doing an obvious impression of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. He’s neurotic and weird and hates people. He literally speaks the same way that Jim Parsons does. Almost as weird of an acting choice as Jesse Eisenberg deciding to turn Lex Luthor into Jim Carey’s The Riddler.

Has Ezra Miller never run before? Why was he moving like that? Who runs ARMS FIRST? It’s as if his arms were pulling him and his legs were dragging behind. Was that not a factor in casting? A guy who is capable of running should have been the number one requirement.

They made it very clear that when he runs, everything is in slow motion for him sooo¬†HOW is he tripping so many times? Every time he runs, there’s about a 50/50 chance he’s going to land on his face for no reason.

It’s fine that Barry Allen was a nerd or whatever. But I would’ve loved if he was confident while being The Flash. The moment where Superman returns and beats the shit out of everyone and catches Barry Allen at full speed was one of the few moments in the movie that I actually liked but I would’ve loved if The Flash was super cocky and was absolutely shook when Superman was just as fast as him.

But nope, he was Young Sheldon.


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