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7 Quarterbacks That Need a Change of Scenery in 2021

Sometimes good quarterbacks can look awful based solely on the organizations they are handcuffed to. Situations ruin players. Look at Tom Brady. My man was WASHED last season and now he’s chucking the rock all over the field in Tampa Bay like Patrick Mahomes.

Also important to say that some quarterbacks legit just stink and a change of scenery would not matter. I don’t even know if Josh Rosen is still on a NFL roster. It doesn’t even matter enough to Google because he stinks whether he’s in a Cardinals jersey or Dolphins jersey.

But anyway, here are 7 quarterbacks that need a change of scenery in 2021:


1. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan leads the league in yards and the Atlanta Falcons have 1 win. They lost a game this weekend because Todd Gurley couldn’t prevent himself from falling into the endzone and giving the Lions plenty of time left on the clock to easily march down the field and win the game.

The GM and head coach were fired this season. Blow this whole shit up. The Falcons broke when they lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots in incredibly embarrassing fashion. Just break up already.

2. Deshaun Watson

You have to feel bad for Deshaun Watson. You HAVE to. Bill O’Brien was a sleeper agent sent to destroy Watson’s career. He traded away every single draft pick and the best wide receiver in the NFL and then just left in the night leaving the safe empty.

Now Deshaun is out there carrying David Johnson’s dead body up and down the field like Byron Leftwich at Marshall when he blew his knee out. Watson has 2,095 yards, 15 TDs, 5 INTs on 69% completion percentage with a 108.7 quarterback rating. And none of it matters. 1 win.

3. Dak Prescott

dak prescott

The Dallas Cowboys have hit an iceberg aka hiring Mike McCarthy. The players have come out and said that the coaches are barely prepared for games. There was a report today that defensive coordinator, Mike Nolan, had to leave a Zoom press conference because he was eating and accidentally got hot sauce in his eyes.

Andy Dalton got his head crushed in by a linebacker and the Cowboys players yawned. I’m tired of hearing about these disrespectful Dak Prescott contract negotiations. Just let him walk away and be happy. Give Dak his life raft off the sinking Titanic.

4. Matty Stafford

Free Stafford.

5. Kirk Cousins

kirk cousins coronavirus

Cousins has a 48 QBR and leads the league in interceptions. The Minnesota Vikings have 1 win. This scammer was able to get one of the biggest guaranteed contracts in NFL history a few years ago and then managed to finesse a SECOND big contract this past offseason only to become the worst starter in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins needs a change of scenery simply because I fear for his life. Stefon Diggs was going to stomp this man out in the showers if he didn’t get traded to Buffalo. Adam Theilen is going to strangle this asshole by the end of the week.

6. Philip Rivers

I don’t believe Philip Rivers would perform better if he was playing on a different team. When I say that Rivers needs a change of scenery, what I mean is that he needs to be sitting on his couch on Sundays watching games like the rest of us because my man is WASHED.

7. Sam Darnold

sam darnold sucks

The New York Jets organization just seems like an overall miserable work environment. Nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed for that awful third shift. Darnold is driving home from the facility just teary-eyed staring at bridges like ‘that’s a perfect one to jump from’.

Adam Gase is an abusive boss that had Darnold out here seeing ghosts. I still think Sam Darnold’s ceiling is just a slightly more athletic Andy Dalton but he still deserves an opportunity to play football for a professional football franchise instead of this XFL going out of business team.



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