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7 Players Who Can Emerge As Stars on the 2019 New York Giants

The 2019 New York Giants are rebuilding (I think??) and with that rebuild comes a reliance on young players to fill in the roster spots for the guys that Giants GM, Dave Gettleman, traded away for tickets to The Book of Mormon.

Someone HAS to play well like, someone is going to get tackles and someone is going to score touchdowns. Dave Gettleman will probably trade them if they play well but pretending he won’t, let’s look at the young stars coming up for this squad.

Here are 7 players who can emerge as stars on the 2019 New York Giants:

1. Will Hernandez

I know it’s weird to call an offensive lineman a potential star but all we’ve heard for the last 3-4 years is how bad this Giants offensive line is.

If they can keep Eli upright and shine a light on the fact that it’s not a lack of pass protection that makes Eli suck, it’s the fact that Eli legit sucks, then Will Hernandez will become the face of that new line.

2. BJ Hill

Snacks Harrison was traded away to give more playing time for BJ Hill or at least that’s the lie we are being fed when in actuality, Damon Harrison was traded because Dave Gettleman doesn’t like talented football players on his team.

BJ Hill will have that Snacks chip on his shoulder and will want to prove that he’s worthy of his playing time. Or not. Who knows?

3. Deandre Baker

The Giants decided to trade back up into the end of the first round to draft Deandre Baker out of Georgia, for whatever reason, and it appears as though he’s poised to be the Week 1 starter across from Janoris Jenkins.

Jackrabbit has great hands or whatever but he gets beat on deep balls consistently. Deandre Baker might walk into training camp and already be the best cornerback on the team.

4. Evan Engram

new york giants

I’m the shakiest on Evan Engram out of every player on this list because we’ve been expecting him to become a breakout star for two years now and he’s either injured or irrelevant most days.

But with a rookie QB getting starts this year, chances are he’ll rely on his tight end like Eli used to close his eyes and chuck it to Jeremy Shockey back in the day.

5. Corey Coleman

Corey Coleman and Cody Latimer are fighting for the WR3 position but I’m giving the edge to Corey Coleman because 1. he’s younger and 2. Latimer is already battling injuries.

Sterling Shephard and Golden Tate are both slot receivers (Gettleman is dumb as hell) which means Corey Coleman will be on the outside replacing Odell and his ability to run fly routes and uncap the opposing tea’s secondary which means Coleman is going to put up numbers this season, probably, maybe, definitely.

6. Lorenzo Carter

2018 3rd round outside linebacker, Lorenzo Carter, could step up and be the new star of this defense that is totally absent of stars. Alec Olgetree is the middle linebacker who excels in pass coverage but Carter could become a run stopping phenom. Hopefully, obviously.

7. Daniel Jones

This fucking guy. I’m slowly trying to convince myself that he’s going to be good. I’m not fully there yet. Just adding him to this list still infuriates me. Danny Jones, babyyy. Cool.

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