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7 Pitchers The New York Yankees Should Target At the 2019 MLB Trade Deadline

The New York Yankees need starting pitchers. Every year. Every single year they go into the season with half of the staff being 35+ and a pitcher who isn’t old enough to rent a car in most state and are ALWAYS shocked when that pitching staff gets hurt/sucks.

Outside of Masahiro Tanaka right now, there is no pitcher in this rotation that you can trust healthy or ya know, able to pitch 7 innings. The 2019 MLB trade deadline is approaching and it’s time for the Yankees to pull the trigger on a stud to match up with Verlander and Chris Sale.

Here are 7 pitchers the New York Yankees should target at the 2019 MLB trade deadline:

1. Dallas Keuchel.

Welp. Nevermind.

2. Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner is the best pitcher on trade market which means San Francisco is going to want everything New York has in their farm system. Bumgarner has a 3.83 ERA allowing only 1.8 walks per 9 innings.

Personally, I think it’s time for the Yankees to stop collecting prospects knowing damn well that they can’t all play in the majors. While the Yankees are too afraid to trade Andujar for Corey Kluber in the offseason, Houston pulls the trigger on Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole back-to-back years.

Who is the massive Yankees acquisition? JA Happ? Fuck prospects. Trade them before they reveal how much they stink like Clint Frazier booting fly balls in the field.

3. Max Scherzer

max scherzer

Lolololol IMAGINE. Washington gains absolutely nothing by trading the best pitcher in it’s franchise’s history. They aren’t rebuilding just because Bryce Harper left and the NL East is still winnable even though they’re a below .500 team. If you offered the Nationals Aaron Judge, they’d say no.

4. Marcus Stroman

The only downside for the Yankees trying to trade for Marcus Stroman is that the market for Toronto pitchers was set last season when New York sent over Brandon Drury for Happ. Sooo yea, they’re going to need to gather a far superior deal for a far superior player.

5. Noah Syndergaard

noah syndergaard

The Mets would rather sell the franchise than give the Yankees anything. The Wilpons are griping a vile of poison when the Yankees call just ready to end it all.

6. Mike Minor

The Texas Rangers are 9 games behind the Houston Astros and Mike Minor is the best player on this irrelevant team. Minor is 5th in the AL with a 2.52 ERA. He’s also first in WAR, which is a stat I only care about when it behooves an argument I’m making. Otherwise, WAR doesn’t matter.

7. Mike Leake

Unfortunately, it appears as though Mike Leake will be the savior of the 2019 Yankees season as he is currently rocking a 4.50 ERA and won’t cost a dime to acquire from the Mariners.

Like Mike Minor, Mike Leake can eat innings which is massive to preserve the bullpen through November. Every season the Yankees get a Jaime Garcia or Lance Lynn. Mike Leake, COME ON DOWN.


Written by Deadseriousness

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