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7 NFL Head Coaches That Will 1000% Be Fired By The End of the 2018 Season

NFL head coaches have the most turnover out of any position in sports. With only 16 games to prove yourself, very few guys can last forever in this league. For every lifelong coach like Bill Cowher, there’s infinity Ben McAdoo’s that have no idea what a football looks like.

Now, I’m not hoping that these guys lose their job but I am absolutely rooting for chaos. If I was the commissioner, I would shuffle all 32 head coaches every year.

Best team gets to keep their coach and then it descends record wise with teams selecting from a pool of coaches. Would be hilarious if the Steelers just selected Sean McVay over Mike Tomlin. But I’ll settle for just firing 7 guys or whatever.


Here are 7 NFL head coaches that will 1000% be fired by the end of the 2018 season:


1. Jay Gruden

Jay Gruden hated Kirk Cousins. I’ll be honest with you, it’s never a good look when you publicly bash your starting quarterback for multiple years. Probably tough to get the most out of your team when you’ve convinced the other 52 guys on the roster that their leader is a bum.

Jay Gruden has won zero playoff games and that won’t be changing this season. Some of it is not his fault. The Redskins are riddled with injuries every season including this year as they’ve already lost their rookie running back Derrius Guice.

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Unfortunately, every single team faces injuries. This team went out and traded for Alex Smith and this inevitable 7-9 season is going to be the last for Jay.

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