nfl head coaches that should be fired

7 NFL Head Coaches That Should Be Fired Before 2019 Ends

I’m a firm believer of cleaning house when you realize your house is infested and the foundation is rotted and a third home analogy. If your coach stinks, there is no point in leaving him standing there in front of his team with his pants down.

These are grown ass men out there. They know when their coach is a bum and a lot of these players are performing like it. There are no benefits to keeping a lame duck coach so you might as well fire them yesterday.

Here are 7 NFL head coaches that should be fired before 2019 ends:

1. Freddie Kitchens

Towards the end of last Sunday’s matchup against the New England Patriots, Kitchens sent out the punt team on 4th-and-11 at Cleveland’s own 24-yard line before wide receiver, KhaDarel Hodge, committed an illegal procedure penalty to move Cleveland back to 4th-and-16 where Kitchens would then sideline his punt team and bring Baker Mayfield and the offense back onto the field.

Baker was sacked.

It later came out that Hodge was instructed to commit the penalty intentionally so that Kitchens could stop the clock. He had a timeout. It was 4th-and-16 on their own 19-yard line. He took a penalty on purpose. THEY HAD A TIMEOUT.

Fire Freddie Kitchens.

2. Dan Quinn

As I write this, the Falcons are getting BOMBED on defense, probably. Atlanta is giving up 31.3 points a game which is the worst in the NFL (Miami is actually the worst but they’re not a football team this season).

That’s disgusting when you remember that Quinn has been a defensive coach since 1994. We all know he went to the Super Bowl with one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history but Quinn’s specialty is defense.

31.3 points per game.

Last season we gave the Falcons the injury excuse. What’s the excuse now? Dan Quinn still has nightmares of blowing that 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

3. Adam Gase

adam gase

I’ve been shitting on Adam Gase since day one and here he is, still receiving direct deposits from the New York Jets even though he is an absolute scammer.

Sam Darnold is probably the most talented quarterback from last season’s draft and somehow he’s SEEING GHOSTS.

Adam Gase has no idea how to protect his quarterback and put him in a position to succeed. Meanwhile, Josh Allen is 5-2 this season because his team knows how to use him.

Le’Veon Bell has 342 rushing yards. That’s 24th in the league. He’s the third highest paid running back in the NFL. Fire Adam Gase. Hire Luke Falk.

4. Zac Taylor

According to my research, the Bengals appear to have…am I reading this correctly? Zero wins? I mean like, that’s not enough wins. Yea, no. That’s not good. Some would argue, it’s bad.

I understand that it’s Zac Taylor’s first season in Cincinnati and his starting quarterback is Andy Dalton but again, you might want to win once. Just so that we all know you understand the concept of scoring more points than your opponent.

5. Matt Nagy

Matt Nagy saw Freddie Kitchens’s awful fourth quarter play call and said ‘Hold my beer. Actually no wait nevermind, I’m going to shotgun this shit’.

Chicago had the ball on the Chargers 21-yard line with 43 seconds left in the game and down by 1 point. Matt Nagy decided to take a knee and run the clock down to a second before sending out the field goal unit to shank a 41-yard field goal attempt.

The Bears have been dramatically missing kicks for a full year now. It’s their biggest weakness and instead of running the ball to take a closer field goal or taking a shot at the endzone, Nagy ran the clock out.

Fire Matt Nagy.

6. Doug Marrone

You can’t go from one game away from the Super Bowl to just a random mediocre team when you basically have the same roster you did when you made it to the AFC Championship.

Also not a great sign when you get into an argument with your star cornerback and everyone on the sideline jumps to the cornerback’s side. It seems like every week someone on the Jags wants to fight someone. Does Doug Marrone issue any sort of discipline? No? Ok.

7. Pat Shurmur

Just watch a Giants game. Fire Pat Shurmur.

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