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7 NBA Teams That Need To Be Blown Up in the Offseason

The NBA offseason is approaching and some teams are stuck in no man’s land. There are teams that are obviously on top of the mountain and there are teams in the midst of a rebuild but for those teams hovering around the middle, there needs to be a change.

What is ‘blowing up’ an NBA team? A blow up is the complete dismantling and altering of an entire NBA roster. Top to bottom. From the star player to the 12th man, the entire deck must be shuffled. It takes more than just signing one free agent and drafting well. Wile E. Coyote must plant TNT in your locker room and explode everything.

I also want to briefly mention that not all awful teams can qualify for the blow up. The Orlando Magic, for example, are not necessarily in the midst of a rebuild but that can’t blow up because they don’t have any assets to even blow up. Their team is completely made up of scraps. In order to qualify for the blow up, your roster must have some value on it already.

Here are the 7 teams in the NBA that need to be blown up in the offseason:

1. Indiana Pacers

I hate watching the Indiana Pacers play basketball. They’re just a gross team to watch. Their star player, Paul George doesn’t even want to be there and it shows. Larry Bird has done an amazing job putting a team together that makes no sense.

When this team was challenging LeBron a couple of years ago, they were defensive juggernauts but for whatever reason, this team let defensive players like Ian Mahini and Solomon Hill for offensive guys like Thaddeus Young and Al Jefferson but those guys aren’t even good at offense anymore.

Time to trade Paul George for anything you can before he takes off in free agency and you end up with absolutely nothing. Keep Myles Turner and keep Lance Stephenson because he is hilarious on the court and you have to sell tickets but there I will be pissed if Monta Ellis is on an NBA roster in 2018.

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