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7 Free Agents The New York Giants Need To Target in 2020


The New York Giants have anywhere between $60-$80 million in cap space. NFL salary caps are dumb and everywhere I search has a different cap number. But that’s plenty of cash to make some moves to surround Daniel Jones with talent and make Joe Judge look like he belongs in the NFL.

The Giants won 4 games last season. Not great. The 49ers just rose from 4 wins in 2018 to becoming the No. 1 seed in the NFC. New York can do that too. They’re going to need like, talented players on the roster in order to do that.

Here are 7 free agents the New York Giants need to target in 2020:

1. Dante Fowler

That Leonard Williams trade the Giants made at the deadline will go down as one of the worst moves in NFL history. They are one of the worst teams in the league and GAVE AWAY draft picks for a defensive end that was not only able to leave in free agency in two months but he had ZERO (0) sacks.

For comparison sake, Fowler had 11.5 sacks last season. Reminder, Leonard Williams had fucking none. If some messy stuff happens at the top of the draft then Chase Young can still potentially drop to the Giants at No. 4. Young and Fowler on the ends would end Carson Wentz’s career.

2. Jack Conklin

The New York Giants have been searching for an offensive line since 2011. You cannot have a successful football team if you can’t open holes for your running back and you can’t keep your quarterback on his feet.

The Houston Texans have a Top 3 quarterback that will never make it to an AFC Championship game because their offensive line doesn’t exist. Jack Conklin was the Titans right tackle that helped Derrick Henry have one of the most historic playoff rushing numbers in NFL history.

3. Tyler Eifert

Evan Engram has never been healthy for a full season. You are a fool if you believe he’s suddenly going to play 16 games next year. He and Daniel Jones had an amazing connection but I get the feeling that Jones could have that connection with any pass-first tight end.

Enter Tyler Eifert who has bailed out Andy Dalton his entire career. Plus, can we be real for a moment? We all trust each other here, right? What’s said here stays with us. *whispers* white quarterbacks LOVE their white receivers. Give Daniel Jones a big mayonnaise target in the middle of the field

4. Chris Harris

Chris Harris is a veteran corner that the Giants need considering DeAndre Baker is the No. 1 corner on the team after Janoris Jenkins went Full Retard, and you never go Full Retard. Baker was beat deep by every receiver every week. He’s bad at football.

The Giants need someone like Chris Harris. You know, someone who actually knows how to play football.

5. Colt McCoy

I have no idea if Colt McCoy has two healthy legs. The Washington training staff is just a golden retriever with an iPad Googling symptoms but if healthy, McCoy is one of the best backup QBs in the league.

Chase Daniel is also a free agent but he’d probably demand too much money and we don’t want a Trubisky situation where the backup comes in and outplays the starter. As far as veterans go, it’s either Colt McCoy or a future Hall of Famer like Philip Rivers, who 1000% doesn’t realize yet that he’s actually worse than Daniel Jones.

6. Jadaveon Clowney

jadeveon clowney

Ultimately, the Giants should try everything they can to bring back Markus Golden who had an astronomically more effective season than Clowney but let’s not pretend like Clowney isn’t the best defensive free agent available.

But as mentioned earlier, Clowney will for sure end Carson Wentz’s career if he were in a Giants jersey. He’s also probably going to demand way more cash than he deserves. Clowney can be the next Olivier Vernon. A guy who’s always listed as questionable and for some reason is considered one of the best pass rushers in the NFL with only 3 sacks.

7. Antonio Brown.

antonio brown

I’m kidding. Antonio Brown is a rapist.





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