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7 Biggest Storylines Heading Into the 2019 NFL Playoffs

The 2019 NFL playoffs begin this weekend and after a long season of ‘when will Le’Veon Bell return’ and ‘Jon Gruden is stealing from the Raiders’ we have finally made it to the finish line where we have peak football every single game and we don’t have to watch the boner-killing 49ers vs. Cardinals at 4:25pm.

There are stories and rivalries and conversations that must be discussed. There are legacies being defined. Young superstars becoming household names. Khalil Mack just being a loose grizzly bear in shoulder pads.

Here are the 7 biggest storylines heading into the 2019 NFL playoffs:

1. Can Patrick Mahomes Break the Curse?

Patrick Mahomes will most likely win the MVP Award. 5,097 yards. 50 touchdowns. 113.8 quarterback rating. He just had one of the greatest passing seasons in the history of football.

But he’s standing between a rock and a hard place. On one side is Andy Reid, a man who shrivels up in the playoffs almost as if he always puts money on the other team beating him and he throws the games on purpose. No clock management. Terrible decision making. Andy Reid coaches playoff games like he’s playing Madden on Xbox Live and his controller keeps running out of batteries but the game isn’t automatically pausing so he’s just trying to keep up.

On his other side is the Kansas City Chiefs franchise history. The Chiefs have been to 3 conference championships in their team’s history. They were established in 1960. For comparison sake, the Jaguars have been to 3 conference championships and they were created in 1995.


Patrick Mahomes is going to win the regular season MVP but Heinz Field might literally just crumble under his feet when the playoffs begin like when Bane took over Gotham City. Just as the prophecy foretold.


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