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7 Big Players That Can Still Clear Waivers and Be Traded This August

2. Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen is one of my favorite players in baseball and genuinely feel bad for the weird position he’s found himself in. The Pittsburgh Pirates punted 2018 and traded him and Gerrit Cole away prior to the season and now the Pirates are making a playoff push while McCutchen is playing on the San Francisco Giants who are struggling to stay above .500.

He deserves to be on a postseason roster.

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The Giants somehow think they can still win so they’re holding onto McCutchen but they are about to play against the D-Backs, Dodgers, Astros and Pirates in the next two weeks sooo after they lose literally all of those games, McCutchen will clear waivers and probably end up on the Indians roster but I mean like, I wouldn’t be upset if he was in Pinstripes as I’ve been writing about him being perfect for the Yankees for about 2 straight years now.


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