The 7 Best TV Shows of 2016

5. Veep


For whatever reason, this 5 spot was difficult to pin down. I could’ve said the second season of Narcos but I was actually super bored watching it. I could’ve said the third season of Black Mirror but you can tell there’s a drop-off from the previous two BBC seasons. Bojack Horseman was pretty close to sneaking in but at the end of the day, Veep deserves all of the love in the world.

Veep is a rare show that has gotten sustainably better each and every season and this last season was borderline perfect. The rise and fall of Selina Meyer is must-see TV as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the queen of comedy, makes you care about this pretty despicable character.

Plus, Jonah Ryan had the quote of the year that must be acknowledged. “I’m eating so much pussy I’m shitting clits, son!”

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