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7 Actresses That Should Play She-Hulk

After all these years, Marvel is finally giving us a She-Hulk tv series set to stream on Disney+. She-Hulk is the story of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who happens to be the cousin of Bruce Banner and was transformed into the She-Hulk after receiving a blood transfusion from him.

Like Deadpool, She-Hulk is an asshole who regularly breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the audience so whoever portrays her is going to need comedic timing. Super curious if she’s going to be completely CGI or if they’re going to paint a woman green. I really hope they don’t paint a woman green…

Anyway, here are 7 actresses that should play she-hulk:

1. Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie has a lot of time on her hands now that Game of Thrones and that brutal final season of trash is over. Her career essentially exists exclusively via Captain Phasma action figures and I’m sure her relationship with Star Wars will have her wandering onto Star Wars sets for the remainder of time.

And since she’ll already be on the Disney Lot, she might as well get her own show. It helps that homegirl is 6’3 and might already have Incredible Hulk blood pulsing through her veins so this show is borderline biographical for her.

2. Christina Hendricks

christina hendricks

Comic book women are known for being drawn unrealistically busty and the only women who have ever been able to live up to those creepy sketches (without having doctors removes ribs and shit) are Linda Carter and now Christina Hendricks.

Mad Men ended five years ago and it’s time to bring Joan Holloway back to television except this time she’s like throwing people through buildings. OH, and she’s green as hell. I’m going to uh, Google image search Christina Hendricks for a bit. BRB.

3. Betty Gilpin

Technically, the actress who plays She-Hulk doesn’t actually need to be a giant woman which makes sense because Marvel released a casting-call looking for an Alison Brie-esque actor which immediately made me think of her…GLOW co-star, Betty Gilpin.

Betty Gilpin swallowed Brie up in every scene they shared together in GLOW and we need more of this woman on our televisions. I have no idea where she came from but I’m not ready for her to go back.

4. Aisha Tyler

This is starting to get tough because after Disney’s purchase of Fox, you realize basically every actress has appeared in the MCU or an X-Men movie before. I deadass thought to myself “Brie Larson would be grea‚ÄĒah, nevermind”.

Aisha Tyler has it all: She’s 6-foot tall, she’s hilarious, she celebrates Black History Month and she’s never been in a Marvel movie. Give her a franchise. She deserves it.

5. Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza’s character in Legion was by far one of the best performances on television in the last five years and the only thing that kept that show together in its final season as Noah Hawley decided that plot no longer matters.

She would cross the comedy side of this character and her sarcastic sensibilities would be perfect for fourth wall breaks. Plus, everyone human that appears in a Marvel property becomes annoying popular for no reason (except for Elizabeth Olson) so let’s move Aubrey Plaza to god status.

6. Regina King

I think Regina King should be in every single movie and television show created. Even if she’s not starring in the project. Her energy just needs to be present on the set in order for the best possible project to be made.

After watching her transcend space and time in Watchmen, she’s proven she can lead an action series. She’s also happens to be the best looking living organism on planet Earth and although I had no plans on ever purchasing Disney+ as to not participate in their cannibalization of media and their monoply devouring an entire industry, they can take all of my money if Regina King were to star as She-Hulk.

7. Megan Fox

megan fox

There is a report that Megan Fox is returning to movies this year and it’s about damn time. There comes a weird time in many actresses careers where they go from the young hot woman in every movie to suddenly out of the public eye completely and you never know if it’s because she refused to blow a disgusting director, or she left to start a family or if Hollywood only creates limited roles for aging women and the same seven women get all of those parts.

With Megan Fox, it seems like it was a combination of all three. Megan Fox has surprisingly great comedic timing. I know we’ve never really physically perform any action scenes, everything is CGI today so shrug.gif.






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