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Evaluating If These 7 Action Movie Stars Deserve a Spot on the Avengers Roster

How Many Other Action Heroes can be an Avenger?

With Infinity War dropping in theatres a week ago, and me now seeing it twice, I got to thinking; Which other action movie hero can make the Avengers squad?

I mean if you take a look at the squad you have a lot of enhanced humans, metahumans, and super spies trained in the various martial arts. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite action movie heroes and asses who can help save the world from peril.

I’m including every genre here and my list is not limited to just heroes, we’ll be looking at anti-heroes or even villains who redeemed themselves in their respective movie. Also not counting other superheroes like the X-men or whatever since that’s cheating.

1. John McLane

Hell the fuck no. Bruce Willis today is a joke of an actor, he’s literally Bruce Willis in every movie. Even in the latest die hard he wasn’t the character of John McLane, he was just regular degular Bruce Willis collecting a cheque. Regardless, we’re assessing the heroes, not the actor, and John McLane would get his shit rocked by anyone in the Avengers movies, even the D-List villains.

John McLane was just a normal dude who really wasn’t good at anything in his movie. He doesn’t know any fighting moves other than Bruce Willis strength. So no, John McLane wouldn’t make the squad, but as a consolation prize for Die Hard being a classic, I’ll let Bruce Willis be the cop in the first Avengers movie who’s reluctant to take orders from Cap but then after seeing Cap kick ass, he becomes Cap’s bitch.

There ya go, Bruce

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