6’8 Queen Liz Cambage Scores WNBA Record 53 Points (And We’re Going To Celebrate This While Pretending It Didn’t Happen Against The New York Liberty)

On Tuesday evening, the Dallas Wings beat the New York Liberty 104-87 and that’s the last I’ll be mentioning the New York Liberty who are a disgusting 7-15 on the season and are absolutely wasting prime Tina Charles who is averaging 20 point and 7 rebounds a night.

But no, this isn’t about how bad New York basketball is in 2018. This is about 6’8 Australian queen, Liz Cambage, dropping 53 points and setting a new WNBA record on a quiet Tuesday night. She literally scored half of her team’s points and made 17 out of her 22 field goal attempts. That’s 77 percent shooting. Oh, she also had a 10 rebound game. Just your run of the mill 53 point double-double.

Homegirl is out here putting up Michael Jordan numbers. No big deal.

Here’s what Cambage had to say about her historic game:

“It’s pretty big. I’ve had big numbers in China, I’ve had big numbers in Australia,” Cambage said after the game. “I heard a lot of people say I couldn’t have big numbers in the WNBA. So I guess this game was for y’all.”


Not sure who told her that she couldn’t put up big numbers in the WNBA but she SHOWED US. Who knew that a 6’8 215-pound woman would have any success against competition half her size? This performance was shocking.

What makes her performance even more impressive is that she went 4-for-5 from the 3-point line. Prior to this game, Cambage had only made 5 3-pointers in 21 games this year. She showed off all of her skills for the world in the best game in WNBA history.


It’s Liz Cambage’s world and we’re all lucky enough to live in it.





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