54-Year Old Teacher Bangs Teenage Student and Blames Him For The Act

Therese Gunn admitted Friday that she’d had a sexual relationship with one of her students. The 54-year-old, now-former orchestra teacher said she couldn’t believe she’d done it, and that she’d made a poor decision, and that she was sorry.

She then changed course, however briefly, and blamed her victim — claiming the then-17-year-old boy had coerced her into the relationship that developed at South Gwinnett High School.

“He did,” Gunn said in front of Judge Warren Davis. “He was like a used car salesman.”



Therese Gunn was coerced into sleeping with a 17-year student and it’s tough not to feel bad for her. I mean, this kid was like a used car salesman and all of Gunn’s neighbors know that she has a garage full of used cars.

I really hope this orchestra teacher can get back to teaching young boys to tune their strings. The world needs this 54-year old woman who has no self control and can be easily persuaded by a little boy 3times younger than she is.





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