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5 Worst Contract Signings of the 2019 NBA Offseason

Every offseason, guys like Joakim Noah or Chander Parsons find ways to steal cash from NBA organizations. Every year without fail there are terrible contracts given out to guys who have done nothing to earn them.

The 2019 NBA offseason is no different. Congrats to these players for securing the bag and BOOO to the front offices that gave these contracts out.

Here are the 5 worst contract signing of the 2019 NBA offseason:

1. Trevor Ariza, Sacramento Kings 2-years/$25 million

The Kings best players, De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley, are both on rookie deals which I reckon gives them room to spend the extra money as they please.

That being said, Trevor Ariza making $12 million next season is disgusting.

Remember when Ariza was one of the best perimeter defenders in the league? Last season he ranked 82nd out of 96 small forwards in defensive real plus-minus. DRPM isn’t a perfect stat of course, but uh, Robert Covington, Paul George and Thabo Sefolosha were Top 3 in the category sooo.

2. Harrison Barnes, Sacramento Kings 4-years/$85 million

Sacramento baby, what are you doing? The Mavericks gave Barnes a max contract for absolutely no reason and dumped him off to the Kings last season only for the Kings to watch Barnes play for half a year and STILL give him another max even though all of his stats were worse than they were in Dallas.

Let’s go back to Real Plus-Minus where Barnes finished ranked 166th in the league last season riiiight above Jonas Jerebko. Would you make Jonas Jerebko the highest paid player on your roster? (No…no you wouldn’t).

Harrison Barnes is a 0-time All-Star and has never in his career finished in the Top 10 of any statistical category. Let’s look at how many times he’s averaged 20 points per game. Oh, zero times. That’s right.

Dear sports media, leave the Knicks alone and return to shitting on the Sacramento Kings for destroying their cap.

3. Bobby Portis, New York Knicks 2-years/$31 million

Okay yea, um, that actually reminded me, why is Bobby Portis on the Knicks and why is he making all of the money? It’s a pretty absurd contract regardless of which team offered it to him but it’s even more absurd when the news came out AFTER they had already signed Julius Randle and Taj Gibson.

I understand that Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle will be the starting frontcourt and Taj Gibson and Portis will be their backups but then like, pay Portis backup money. There is absolutely no reason why the second highest paid player on the team is the 8th guy on the bench.

If you loved Tim Hardaway chucking up the worst shots and ruining every single possession, then you’re going to LOVE Bobby Portis doing the same exact thing, perhaps even worse.

Oh, and he’s trash defensively as he finished 76th out of 95 power forwards in defensive real plus-minus. Bobby Portis is essentially Enes Kanter without Twitter drafts fool of corny jokes.

4. Terry Rozier, Charlotte Hornets 3-years/$56 million

terry rozier

The Charlotte Hornets have perhaps the worst cap situation in the NBA and with Kemba Walker leaving for Boston, they were one year away from financial flexibility. All they had to do was patiently wait for Nicolas Batum and Bismack Biyombo to come off the books in 2020.

Nope, Michael Jordan woke up from a hangover and was like ‘oh shit, Kemba was a free agent?? He’s on the Celtics now?!’ before inhaling a cigar and taking his lightheaded red-eyed ass back to the bar with his phone off.

Only five players had a lower true shooting percentage than Terry Rozier. None of them are making $18 million next season. One of them is Kris Dunn. Imagine giving Kriss Dunn $18 million. Lol at Charlotte.

Oh wait, I just noticed this before I clicked out of his basketball reference page. My man averaged 2.9 assists last season. That’s your starting point guard? 2.9 assists a game??

5. Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets 4-years/$161 million

So you may not be aware of this. This could be breaking news for some of you but Kevin Durant tore his achilles last month. DeMarcus Cousins tore his achilles and had to sign a 1-year $5 million minimum contract with the Warriors last season.

Kevin Durant, who is just as tall and far more dependent on his achilles to dribble past defenders than Cousins is, just signed a max deal. Ah yes, I’m sure Durant will somehow be an anomaly and will be the first player to ever lose the ability to jump and still dominate.

He’s going to be 32-years old with a year off from basketball when he returns to a team he’ll have absolutely no familiarity with. It’s not like he’ll be thrown in the middle of Steve Kerr’s system. He’ll be in a brand new system with brand new teammates that he’s never played with before and again, the achilles thing.

Kevin Durant is about to limp back on the court in 2021 and get run off the floor by Luke Kennard while receiving the biggest direct deposit after every game.

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