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5 Ways AEW Can Beat WWE

All Elite Wrestling is the next of many a wrestling federation to form in hopes of toppling the WWE, although some might argue there’s plenty of space in the market for two wrestling leagues to stand on televisions, chances are WWE is going to do everything in their power to stomp out the competition before a real ratings war begins.

They’ll probably have to start stomping sooner than later considering AEW powerbombed them in the ratings last Wednesday as their first televised program, Dynamite, beat NXT in ratings by quite a margin.


But all of those views could simply be the result of curiosity. AEW is going to need to do far better than what I can only describe as a ‘sample’ of a show they put on in their TV debut.

I think I know how AEW can win the ‘Wednesday Night Wars’. Walk with me here. I hope you’re reading this, Tony Khan. The DMs are open if you need a consultant.

But here are the ways AEW can beat WWF:

1. Highlight your differences.

Kenny Omega is probably the best wrestler in the world and he’s on the AEW roster. Interesting move to have him immediately get dragged out of the main event and DDTed through a glass table without any of us seeing what he can do in the ring.

For those of us who don’t follow the Indie circuit and have not dabbled in New Japan Pro Wrestling, now is our opportunity to finally see Omega and the Young Bucks.

Show them.

Orange Cassidy is one of the most unique wrestlers on the planet. There is certainly no one performing like he does in WWE. Maybe uh get him on TV maybe?

Zig while WWE zags. Put emphasis on the matches every week and also have the matches make sense.

I still don’t understand why Nyla Rose put Riho in that submission hold. Nyla is a gigantic monster and we can see quite clearly that there is absolutely no way she is applying any pressure on Riho or else she’d snap her in half. I’m not a wrestling pro and even I couldn’t believe Riho dragged Nyla on her back across the ring to break up the submission by grabbing the ropes.

That’s some WWE nonsensical shit.

Be better.

2. Tell Modern Stories

Another huge advantage that AEW has over WWE is that they have a different perspective of the wrestling industry.

When you’re in the middle of the WWE, you can’t see the bigger picture.

You don’t realize how awful the storylines are because you’re traveling to 5 cities in 5 nights and one of those nights happens to be Raw. It all bleeds together.

Where WWE really stinks is Vince McMahon’s inability to update the product and the types of stories being told. In 2019, there is so much more nuance that AEW can tell in their stories instead of the same old ‘I’m coming for your belt, brother’ or ‘isn’t Brock Lesnar so strong??’.

Create realistic modern stakes for your matches and people will come back every week to follow the stories you’re telling. Do not get comfy thinking that people will tune in every week to watch generic white dudes flipping and dropkicking over and over again.

The athletism is cool or whatever but it’s the stories the duels on the mic between The Rock and Stone Cold that made me love wrestling.

3. Create stars

It makes sense to give the belt to Chris Jericho, one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He is the most famous guy under contract and deserves the belt to begin this new promotion.

The problem is, Jericho will be defending the belt against Cody Rhodes, the other big wrestler that WWF fans know. This would be a golden opportunity to let Jericho put on new talent but nope, either Chris Jericho or Cody Rhodes will have the belt and will most likely be feuding for a while. Everyone else who we do not know will remain unknown until further notice.

4. Don’t Rely on Vets


WCW and TNA both failed when they got desperate and just signed as many former WWF guys they could get in contact with. WCW relied so heavily on prior legacies that they forgot to build the next generation of stars so when Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the NWO left, there was nothing remaining of the roster worth watching.

TNA was hanging onto their TV rights by a thread and brought in, yes, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and the rest is bullshit.

Look at the people in that ring. Ew. Also, RIP Chyna.

Hulk Hogan isn’t coming to AEW obviously, but there are quite a few ‘legends’ that could find their way in the league.

If AEW is already giving Chris Jericho the John Cena treatment then who knows what nonsense will ensue if Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam or Kurt Angle wanted to return to the ring.

Please don’t ever set up an Edge vs. Christian main event while Kenny Omega only gets 3 minutes to wrestle and the entire match is interupted by side-by-side screen split commercials.

5. Sign CM Punk


Okay, ignore everything I sad about creating new stars and not relying on vets. Do whatever you need to do to get CM Punk back in a wrestling ring and the new face of your company.

CM Punk left professional wrestling at the peak of his powers and there is no reason to believe that he’s lost a step. If anything, the time off has probably restored his physical health after the wear and tear of the WWE road schedule oh, and getting your ass beat in a UFC fight.

Signing CM Punk would be the ultimate trump card over the WWE. CM Punk’s name still gets chanted at events. Fans theorize his return on forums daily.

Twitter would literally explode if CM Punk showed up at the end of a pay per view hitting Kenny Omega with a Pepsi Plunge before a fade to black.

Get CM Punk and the WWE won’t exist anymore.

I will be sending you my consulting fees.

Since I’m all the way in my wrestling nerd bag, here’s a triple threat match between Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and Kenny Omega back in 2008 when no one gave a shit about who they were.



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