5 Things the New York Knicks Need To Do In The 2017 Offseason

5. Trade either Carmelo or Kristaps

knicks triangle offense

I do not think it’s possible for Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis to coexist and it’s a shame because their games compliment each other quite nicely. They don’t really occupy the same space on the floor and if they ran more pick and rolls together, defenses would melt.

Unfortunately, Carmelo still believes he’s the best scorer in the world and instead of inviting Kristaps to shoot more, you can tell how annoyed he gets when Porzingis starts to take over. Equally, you can tell Porzingis is learning bad habits being in New York and he could very well turn into Carmelo 2.0.

I know trading Kristaps sounds crazy but I’d take Boston’s next two first round draft picks for Porzingis. I don’t trust a 7-foot tall big man who has had as many little lower body injuries as Porzingis has so far. Those add up and the next thing you know, their career is cut short like Yao Ming.




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