5 Things the New York Knicks Need To Do In The 2017 Offseason

2. Don’t waste money on bad free agents.

There are rumors flying around that the Knicks may throw the max contract at JJ Redick. Vomit. Although I do believe Redick can for sure bring a contending team to the championship level, the New York Knicks are not a contending team.

The Knicks should without a doubt draft a point guard but outside of Lonzo Ball, I believe all of the guards in this draft would benefit from coming off the bench next season. Having said that, the Knicks need to sign a guard not named Ron Baker to help groom their lottery pick.

I swear if the Knicks resign Derrick Rose, I’m going to kidnap James Dolan and smash all of his kazoos.[2. Or hire Charles Oakley to Reservoir Dogs torture him.]


Written by Deadseriousness

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