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5 Takeaways From New York Giants Week 1 Loss To The Pittsburgh Steelers

The New York Giants week 1 started on Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers which makes no sense considering everyone assumed this team would be the worst in the NFL but go off, ESPN.

1. Offensive Line still sucks

Cameron Fleming is in his 6th NFL season and finally became a starter at right tackle. He should not have become a starter.

Ereck Flowers would’ve at least gotten body slammed but made physical contact with one of these defenders. Cameron Fleming wasn’t even looking in the right direction. What does that man think his job is out there? Block, my guy.

Daniel Jones was pressured on 26 of his drop-backs which was 6 more than any other starter in Week 1. Pittsburgh has a great pass rush or whatever but how many years can we call out of the offensive line being trash only for the new season to begin andddddd the offensive line is still trash.

Oh, and Saquon Barkley rushed for 7 yards. He was hit behind the line of scrimmage of 11 of his 16 rushes. Jesus. Can’t pass block. Can’t run block. These guys stink.

2. No fumbles

Daniel Jones was putting the ball on the ground left and right last season leading the NFL in fumbles and managed to go an entire game without dropping the ball once. This is massive. He is the most dynamic quarterback in Giants history and by not fumbling then he can continue aggressively scrambling for positive yardage when a play breaks down instead of hesitating in fear that he’ll fumble it.

Sure, he had two awful interceptions but chucking the ball as he’s getting sacked can be fixed. Um, that interception where he threw the ball directly into TJ Watt’s chest wasn’t the coolest thing ever but fortunately, he won’t be playing against TJ Watt again until like, 2024 so we’ll pretend that never even happened.

3. Oh, Evan Engram is BAD bad ok

Evan Engram is literally the worst tight end in the NFL. I mean, that’s not great. Much like the offensive line, Engram is incapable of blocking and honestly, he has no business even playing the tight end position. He’s a wide receiver. Except he can’t catch. So he’s nothing.

Saw a lot of people saying the Giants should trade Engram. Uh, for what? What team what’s an injury prone tight end who was just graded as the worst in the league? It’s time to unleash Kaeden Smith. Every white QB needs their white tight end.

4. Leonard Williams got a sack.

Last season Leonard Williams had 0.5 sacks. He has doubled that sack total in one game. Totally worth him being the HIGHEST PAID PLAYER ON THE FUCKING TEAM.

But anyway yea, good sack or whatever.

5. Still no idea if Joe Judge is good

Losing does not help this evaluation. Be better. So far Joe Judge is on par with Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur.



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