5 Superman Storylines That Warner Bros Should Turn into a Movie

Earlier this week it was reported that Warner Bros. is considering turning Superman: Red Son into a live action full length feature film which is one of the most famous Superman stories from the comics in which baby Clark Kent lands in the Soviet Union and supports Joseph Stalin. Huge swing for DC.

This obviously leads to the conversation of what other Superman comic book storylines should be turned into live action films next. Here are the 5 best and most iconic Superman stories that Warner Bros should turn into a movie:


1. For The Man Who Has Everything

For The Man Who Has Everything is a great story in which Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman visit the Fortress of Solitude with gifts for Superman on his birthday only to find him essentially in a coma with a ‘Black Mercy’ flower attached to his chest that makes him stuck in a living dream where he lives on an alternate Krypton where the planet was never destroyed and he is married with a child and has a healthy relationship with his parents.

This story is perfect for Warner Bros because they’ve already created a beautiful version of Krypton in Man of Steel and we get more Russell Crowe being Jor-El which is one of the few good things about Man of Steel.

Mongul, who puts the Black Mercy onto Clark, is a great villain because he might be one of the only DC characters who hates Superman more than Lex Luthor. Also, this story has some heavy emotional arcs as Krypton begins to crumble when Superman realizes that something is off. And on top of everything, you get to see Wonder Woman and Mongul beat each other’s brains in for two hours.

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