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5 Reasons Why The New York Yankees Suck This Season

Sooo the New York Yankees are trash this season. They just lost back-to-back series to the Detroit Tigers and the Baltimore Orioles, the two worst teams in Major League Baseball thus making the Yankees one of the worst by association.

This team was supposed to win the World Series. It’s super early in the year and there’s no reason to believe that the dream is dead but if they continue on their current track, the Yankees are going to be competing with the Toronto Blue Jays for the first overall draft pick.

Here are 5 reasons why the New York Yankees suck this season:

1. Injuries

miguel andujar

This is pretty obvious but it turns out when your team has 11 players on the Injured List, they’re going to struggle. The entire left side of the field is gone. Aaron Hicks, Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Andujar and Didi Gregorius are astronomically important to this team. They would be the best four hitters on 50% of the teams in the league.

Luis Severino should have more innings pitched than Luis Cessa but here we are watching Johnny Loaisiga play baseball for some reason. *whispers* it’s probably a good thing that CC Sabathia isn’t pitching* but yea um, the Yankees don’t have a team right now. They’re one injury away from me playing third base this weekend.

2. Hitting approach

This was the problem for all of 2018 and it’s really cool that after a disappointing postseason elimination, these players spent the entire offseason not changing a single thing about their approach in the batter’s box.

The Yankees just struck out 18 times on Wednesday evening against the Tigers no-name pitchers. If there are two strikes, you need to change the way you swing. If there’s a runner in scoring position with two outs and two strikes, SWING THE BAT.

This team strikes out looking at the worst times while simultaneously swinging for the fences when a pitcher rolls a ball in the dirt. Looking right at you, Gary Sanchez.

Yes, we should hold these players accountable but are we sure that Marcus Thames is effectively coaching these young hitters? We forget they’re all their 20’s and have plenty of room to grow but if no one is teaching them the correct fundamentals then they’ll never improve.

3. Expectations

wilcard game

For the second season in a row, the Yankees come in as World Series favorites and for the second year in a row, those expectations have turned these players into shells of themselves. It feels like every time Giancarlo Stanton steps up into the on-deck circle, someone whispers in his ear ‘you’ll never win a championship’ as he prepares to swing through changeups so hard that he tears his bicep.

4. Rest

new york yankees suck

It’s unfair to blame Aaron Boone for the philosophies that the front office forces upon him but real quick, we’re six games into the season. There is nothing the Yankees can say that could appropriately explain why these players require rest already.

Tuesday night’s game against the Tigers was winnable. There is absolutely zero reason for Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez and Troy Tulowitzki to all be on the bench at the same time especially with so many guys already on the Injured List.


5. Minor Leaguers

clint frazier concussions

This is the combination of rest days and injuries but if we’re looking at why the Yankees suck, it’s quite clear that they’re literally throwing out AAA players on a nightly basis. Just look at who played on Wednesday. Mike Tauchmann, Tyler Wade and Clint Frazier stink.

Johnny Loaisiga had a good start. He’s also not a Major League pitcher. We also tend to forget that Luke Voit was a minor leaguer like, 5 months ago. Perhaps he’s not actually the clean-up hitter that the Yankees perceive him to be.

The New York Yankees suck right now. If they lose this next series to the Baltimore Orioles I am ordering my Jacob deGrom jersey and moving to Queens.

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