5 Reasons Why Spider-Man: Homecoming is Going to Suck

2. Iron Man 4

Another huge problem with this movie is that the trailer has pretty much revealed every single in this movie. Originally I thought that Tony Stark would show up at the beginning to give Peter Parker a sweet new suit and then get out of the way to let Spider-Man chill but nope, this is essentially an unofficial Iron Man sequel.

It’s even reported that Pepper Potts will be in this movie along with Jon Favreau’s character so the whole Iron Man gang is here, in this Spider-Man solo movie, that should have nothing to do with Iron Man. Apparently the villain, The Vulture, is out for revenge against Tony Stark. Why even put Spider-Man in this movie? Just let Robert Downey Jr. play both parts at this point.


Written by Deadseriousness

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