5 Reasons Why Metropolis is Worse Than Gotham City

5 Reasons Why  Metropolis is Worse Than Gotham City 

In an earlier article, I eluded to the fact that Metropolis is a worse city than Gotham City but allow me to elaborate now. With Superman being all around invincible, you think he’d take an afternoon to actually help the city he claims to defend. If your name isn’t Lois Lane, Superman truly isn’t protecting you from much.

1. Destruction

metropolis destroyed

Metropolis’ savior, Superman, goes out of his way to destroy the city on a daily basis. Whenever there is even a hint of danger, Kal-El’s immediate reaction is to grab a bus and throw it through a building. Any logical hero would try to lure their enemy away from the city in order to reduce the amount of collateral damage but not Superman. He uses the city as a weapon, a very ineffective weapon.

2. Rogues Gallery.

superman villains

A major difference between Gotham and Metropolis is that Batman not only has no superpowers but the villains he fights also have no superpowers. Superman however, is fighting super powered villains with the ability to obliterate millions of metropolis civilians with one eye laser beam. Vicious monsters like Bizarro and Doomsday effortlessly kill everyone in their path. The most dangerous villain in Gotham City carries just a knife, not quite the same amount of devastation.

3. Attracts Danger.

general zod

Having an unstoppable savior of the city only attracts more danger. Villains come out of the woodwork just to defeat him. In Man of Steel, General Zod travels across galaxies just to get to Superman. The result of their fight transforms Metropolis into a complete wasteland. Super powered entities from other dimensions attempt to kill Superman seemingly on a daily basis. Metropolis’ savior is their most proficient destroyer.

4. Lex Luthor.

lex luthor

Although Gotham City is well known for their corruption, it’s nothing compared to Metropolis’. The most influential man in Metropolis, is a super villain. Imagine Wayne Enterprises was run by a power hungry maniac and maybe then you could consider Gotham to be worse. Lex Luthor attempts to kill Superman every single day, sometimes very publicly, yet still somehow is not behind bars. Not only is he not in jail but he’s praised.

5. Everyone is an idiot.

clark kent

The fact that the citizens of Metropolis allow Superman to destroy their city is a good sign that they’re all idiots. Or the fact that they allow Lex Luthor to lie, cheat and steal his way to the top as long as he apologizes after taking it too far is another clear sign. But the biggest sign of all is how they walk past Clark Kent everyday and don’t notice that he’s obviously Superman. By throwing on glasses and a suit and tie, Superman fools an entire city of idiots. Perhaps they deserve to have daily apocalypses. God is clearly trying to remove a huge mistake he made. Metropolis makes Gotham City look like Wyoming.

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