5 Reasons Why Amy Schumer’s Leather Special Sucks

5. Just Not Her

My favorite stand-up comedian of all time is Mitch Hedberg. Even though he just told one-liners, you could tell that that was really him on stage. His look and the way he told jokes was unique to him. He wasn’t selling me what he thought I wanted to hear which is exactly what I believe Amy was doing in her last special.

Drinking and fucking every night is not the lifestyle of a 35-year old woman. It’s literally no one’s lifestyle. Not only were the jokes she was telling completely forced and fabricated but even the way she delivered them wasn’t her.

I used to love Amy Schumer because I thought she was clever and subtle. She was very similar to Daniel Tosh the way they both say pretty horrible things but in a clever way that was the equivalent of winking at the audience to let them know it was okay to laugh. Now all of a sudden Amy is more a physical comedian and she’s miming all of the gross shit she’s saying and I’m out.

I don’t expect her to start being extremely personal and introspective on stage. She isn’t Lenny Bruce and I don’t want to hear that nonsense regardless. But she’s clearly reverted back to the basics. She’s telling jokes that you’ll hear at the local open mic this weekend. At this point in her career Amy Schumer should be telling way more creative and insightful jokes than what we heard on The Leather Special.



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