5 Reasons Why Amy Schumer’s Leather Special Sucks

3. Unrelatable

When you’re trying to determine why Amy Schumer’s jokes aren’t funny, it’s simple. There is one clear problem in her act. None of her jokes are relatable. I know it’s easy for me as a man to say that a female comedian isn’t relatable but there are plenty of women doing stand up that are universally funny. Amy Schumer is not one of those women.

Amy Schumer’s Leather Special has 35 straight minutes of her talking about getting black out drunk and having sex. She has one specific joke about blacking out and waking up with a guy going down on her. Which 1. isn’t a true story and 2. is completely unrelatable.

I alluded to the biggest problem with this act earlier. 35 straight minutes before she starts talking about politics and even then all of her punchlines involve sex in some way. Dave Chappelle and Louis CK talked about sex in their latest specials but it was one small segment out of an hour of great jokes ranging from all topics like family, pop culture and politics.

I don’t want to hear Amy Schumer talk about her pussy for 45 minutes. I don’t.

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