5 Reasons Why Amy Schumer’s Leather Special Sucks

2. Joke Stealing

I don’t actually think Amy Schumer has ever stolen a joke but a couple of years ago people scooped up a shit load of evidence that says otherwise. Homegirl isn’t sitting around watching game tape of other top comedians and yoinking their bits. She’s way too famous at this point to stoop that low. To think she is outright stealing jokes is essentially inferring that she’s dumb enough to think no one would notice. She’s not dumb.

But here’s the problem, when enough of these ‘coincidences’ build up to the point where there are videos upon videos of evidence, it’s tough to not watch her special and think of how similar some of her bits are to Zach Galifianakis and et cetera. It’s in the back of your head now.

Again, I don’t think Amy Schumer is actually stealing jokes. I think every joke on The Leather Special sucked and I’ll get to that later but if she was stealing material, I would hope that she’s stealing better bits.

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