5 Reasons Why Alexander Hamilton Deserves To Be on the $10 Bill More Than a Woman

5 Reasons Why Alexander Hamilton Deserves To Be on the $10 Bill More Than a Woman

I was completely shocked this week to find out the devastating news that Alexander Hamilton is being replaced by some random broad. I don’t want this to come off as sexist or whatever but Alexander Hamilton is the greatest founding father and a pimp. He created the first national bank. How do you take the first secretary of Treasury OFF OF MONEY. My dude pretty much created money. If it weren’t for Hamilton, we’d still be using wampom.

Alexander Hamilton gets no respect and it’s time someone stands up for him. He’s the greatest president we never had and we’re taking him off the $10? How dare you. Put a woman on like the $2 bill or some shit. How does Ulysses S. Grant get to stay on money but Alexander Hamilton is getting the boot? What is going on in D.C, Obama.

Who’s more worthy than Hamilton? Susan B. Anthony? No thanks. Her and Elizabeth Cady Stanton basically spent their entire lives trying to give women the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony died in 1901, 19 years before congress even passed the 19th amendment soo did she really even make a difference?

But seriously, Literally blood, sweat and tears went into women’s suffrage. Her face was almost carved into Mount Rushmore. BORING. Alexander Hamilton was challenged to duels, like, daily. Step up, Susie. Hamilton was a bad ass who pretty much built this countries economy. Bye Susie.

Harriet Tubman is cool or whatever but compared to Alexander Hamilton, she’s irrelevant as shit. Alexander Hamilton is more deserving just for the sole purpose that he has better hair than Harriet Tubman. Like it’s not even debatable. It’s a landslide decision. So one sided that it doesn’t even matter that Hamilton accomplished so much. He won we he stepped through the door.

We can’t even begin to talk about the underground railroad that helped free thousands upon thousands of slaves. Get a makeover and then we’ll talk about how she was both a soldier and a nurse in the Civil War. Through some lipstick on, babe or step away from my boy, Hamilton.

Fun fact: Harriet Tubman had narcolepsy. That sleepy bitch.

Amelia Earhart’s name is being thrown around. Get OUT of here with this. Planes were obviously before Alexander Hamilton’s time but if he jumped into a cockpit, I bet he’d fucking LAND. For all I know she’s still flying around just trying to figure out the landing gear. First woman to ever get her pilot’s license. Cool, babe. Congrats. Maybe we’ll put your face as a watermark on flight school certificates or whatever. Stay off of Hamilton’s $10 bill.

And finally, Rosa Parks…this..this felon. Arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat in civil rights protest, thus sparking a huge bus boycott. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want protesting hippies on my money. What’s next? Janis Joplin taking the $100 from big Benny Frank? Joni Mitchell pennies? Uck. Alexander Hamilton WAS America. How do we even consider putting Rosa, the criminal, on our money. I’m appalled and offended. Alexander Hamilton was almost president. Rosa Parks was on of the best female civil rights activist. Does. Not. Compare.

Okay so I just realized this was not the original list I planned on writing. This was a long rant and I apologize. I just get passionate when my dude, Al Ham, gets disrespected. I would’ve taken a bullet for this hero. In fact, I kinda probably should’ve. He reallyyyy could’ve used someone there to take a bullet for him. He died for our sins. Women are dope and do dope shit sometimes or whatever but keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill or I’m rioting

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