5 Quarterbacks Not Named Eli Manning That Could Save the New York Giants 2018 Season

5. Joe Flacco

joe flacco

Joe Flacco and Eli Manning have pretty much had identical careers so it’s only fair that Flacco comes into replace Eli. Just as the prophecy foretold. Have an average regular season. Then a historic playoff run. Win a Super Bowl MVP award. Rob the franchise of millions upon millions of dollars.

The essential Eli/Flacco strategy that has led us to this moment.

The Baltimore Ravens want to play Lamar Jackson. It’s all the want. Losing to the Cincinnati Bengals on a nationally televised game is the best thing that could’ve happened to them. Now the world sees that Flacco isn’t good enough so when the Ravens decide to play Jackson, no one will be confused why.

Sooo, just fast forward and bring in a Eli 2.0 AKA Joe Flacco. I love Eli Manning. He is one of the nicest guys in NFL history. Joe Flacco seems like a reaaaal asshole. If the Giants are going to lose, I need a quarterback out there that I can truly hate.

Or he’ll win games. He’s better than Eli is my point ultimately. All of these quarterbacks are. It’s time to end the streak (again).




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