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5 Problems The New York Giants Need To Fix To Win The Super Bowl

The New York Giants have started 0-1 after losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars on opening day. I’m still sick about it. My stummy hurts. But the season isn’t lost yet. It’s just one game. One game that I keep replaying in my head. How could they let Blake Bortles break off a 41-yard run? IM SICK.

But there is a problem and I’m a fixer. Walk with me. I have the answers.

Here are 5 problems the New York Giants need to fix to win the Super Bowl:

1. Remove Ereck Flowers From The Sport

Based off of every analytical metric or advanced statistic, Ereck Flowers is the worst offensive lineman in the NFL. Flowers started the 2018 season by committing 2 penalties in the first 3 plays of the game. He also allowed a free pass rusher to pressure Eli unblocked to and tip the pass that led to a pick 6 interception.

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Nate Soldier was given a historic contract to play left tackle and we all rejoiced. The Ereck Flowers era was over. And then they just moved Flowers to the right side of the line. Awesome. Eli Manning is still going to get murdered but at least he can see incoming linebackers directly instead of it being a blindside collision. Dope. Problem solved.

I need to refresh my phone tomorrow morning and see that Ereck Flowers has gone missing. I don’t want any harm to happen to him but at the same time, I don’t want any harm to happen to Eli.


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