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5 Options The New York Yankees Could’ve Had Instead of Brett Gardner

Look, I love don’t mind Brett Gardner. He had that one great at-bat two years ago that pretty much saved the Yankees season. Now he’s 35 years old and he and CC Sabathia got 1-year deals because of their contributions to the last World Series team. That was a decade ago.

He is coming off a pretty mediocre season that saw him become a bench player during the late playoff push. It’s safe to say that there were better alternatives that the Yankees could’ve persued this winter instead of just playing it safe.

Here are 5 options the New York Yankees could’ve had instead of Brett Gardner:

1.Andrew McCutchen

What are we doing here, Cashman? Why is Andrew McCutchen a Philadelphia Philly? McCutchen is objectively better than Gardner in literally every single aspect of the game and we all saw it first hand last season when he came to the Yankees and started more playoff games in left than Gardner.

Do you want to know why he started games over Gardner? *whispers* because he’s a better baseball player. My man had a .421 OBP and scored 18 runs including 5 home runs in 25 games as a Bronx Bomber.

Yes, I understand that he wanted more years on his deal that the Yankees probably felt comfortable giving him but he’s only 32 years old. If you signed him to a 4-year deal, you’d be getting off his contract at the same age as Gardner will be at the end of this season and you’d have 4 years of prime McCutchen instead of one sad year of Gardner.

2. Clint Frazier

clint frazier

Personally, I’m not a Clint Frazier fan. Partly because he’s a dweeb on Twitter and partly because I think he’s probably bad at baseball. But I hope I’m wrong about the latter. (I know I’m right about the former).

Due to concussions, Frazier hasn’t really been given the opportunities that he probably deserves but in spring training this year, his bat speed seems quick as hell and balls are exploding off his bat.

Again, I don’t think he’s the answer and he should probably be used as a trade chip at the deadline for a starting pitcher when James Paxton inevitably turns into the next AJ Burnett/Sonny Gray hybrid but I’ll take the Clint Frazier mystery box over the Brett Gardner swining strke out.

3. Luke Voit/Greg Bird

greg bird luke voit

Having two starting first basemen on your roster is poor roster building. Unless of course you play in an American League that affords you a designated hitter in which case it’s perfect.

Giancarlo Stanton is a young man. The Yankees didn’t acquire some aging veteran. They picked up the reigning NL MVP who was just playing in the outfield everyday the season prior to putting on pinstripes. And he is the most physically fit player on the team.

Play Stanton in left field. Luke Voit at DH. Greg Bird at first. Brett Gardner is home.

4. Estevan Florial

Estevan Florial is the untouchable prospect the Yankees have refused to include in any deal because he’s supposed to be the seconding coming of [insert religious figure of your choosing].

I know he has to develop and blah blah but he’s 21 years old. I hate that in baseball, players have to sit in purgatory aka the minors, for years and can’t come into the big leagues until they’re like late 20’s. If he can ball, let him come ball.

5. Bryce Harper

clear waivers

I mean yea, duh.

6. Jacoby Ellsbu…jk. Fuck that guy.



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