5 Nurses Suspended After Admiring a Dead Patient’s Dick

Just like you, nurses get horny too. So horny in fact, that five nurses risked their careers staring at a dead dude’s dead dick. I don’t know if that’s legal or not but it’s certainly not the best way to use your 10 minutes cigarette break.

The incidents occurred at Denver Health Medical Center between March 31 and April 3, 2017 and were reported May 8, the Denver Channel reported. According to hospital spokesman Josh Rasmussen, the nurses opened a body bag and made admiring comments about the man’s genitals. The comments were heard by a sixth nurse, who believed they were inappropriate and reported it to hospital staff.



Dick. 2. Bomb. Is there a better way to honor a dead man’s life? Sure, a wake or a funeral. Those are cute little events or whatever but if you really want to honor my life, you’ll have nurses surround my corpse at the morgue to stare at my dead dick. Goals.

Is this unprofessional? Perhaps. Is this illegal? Maybe. Should these women be suspended? I mean, sure if you imagine this was 5 men surrounding a dead woman’s body to admire her boobs then yea, this would be way more problematic and there would be an American Crime Story on FX written by Ryan Murphy and starring Sarah Paulson as the busty dead girl.

Nurses have extremely rough jobs. They have all of the stress of the doctors, if not way more stress and they get none of the love from the patients. Let these nurses sneak in some dick peeks every once in a while just to maintain order at the hospital. Throw them a bone. [1. Did you see what I did there? Did you see?]




Sidenote: Don’t Google ‘hot nurse’ with safesearch off. It’s mostly buttholes.



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