The 5 Girlfriends You’ll Have in Your Lifetime

The 5 Girlfriends You’ll Have in Your Lifetime

Throughout your life you will weave in and out of relationships. Some meaningful and others pointless. There are 5 distinct romantic relationships that you will encounter in your lifetime.

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[su_heading]1. The First Love[/su_heading]

Falling in love for the first time is a wave of every emotion at once, all the time. The world stops when you fall in love for the first time. Suddenly life has brand new meaning once you meet the love of your life. Your sole motivation is to make this girl as happy as she makes you. This girl becomes the center of the universe and nothing else matters. You think this relationship is going to last forever. It never does.

Soon the girl you once considered to be flawless is just lousy with imperfections. You once thought her opinions were unique but now you realize that she is completely full of shit. Her laugh that you once deemed cute becomes the final nails in the relationship coffin. But it is not all bad. You walk away from this relationship with new knowledge and understanding of love and you remember that life really sucks.

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