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5 Free Agents The New York Knicks Need To Target

I should start by saying that this article is under the desperate hope that Enes Kanter opts out of his ridiculously dumb $18 million contract which would make zero sense for Kanter seeing as how 1. He loves New York and 2. He will never come close to making that type of money again.

But let’s assume he frees up that cap space and the Knicks can go out there and actually sign players. Let’s also assume that the Knicks front office has learned from previous mistakes and they won’t be signing players to long-term deals.

Courtney Lee is a solid rotation player. Not quite a starter but he would’ve for sure gotten some playing time on the Houston Rockets this last postseason. But like, HOW is he still on this roster? How is Joakim Noah still under contract. 1-2 year deals ONLY.

Here are the 5 free agents that the New York Knicks need to target:


1. Joe Harris

Joe Harris is the stereotypical white guy who can shoot the rock. There’s a Joe Harris at every YMCA gym getting shots off in the corner. Last season Harris averaged 10.8 points per game and shot 41.9% from the 3-point line for the Brooklyn Nets.

You can never have too many shooters on the roster and currently, the Knicks happen to have zero.

Joe Harris can fill the role that Doug McDermott was supposed to fill last season before he was traded away for Emmanuel Mudiay. McDermott shot 38% from 3 while playing for the Knicks which isn’t terrible at all but he only shot 2.5 3-point attempts per game and seemed like he couldn’t get any separation from defenders.

Joe Harris will get his shot off.


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