5 Coaches Who Should Replace Ben McAdoo ASAP

Ben McAdoo needs to be fired. The Giants are absolute trash at the moment and it appears as though this team doesn’t even practice anymore. They lose on Sunday and all 53 players go out and do whatever they want all week and just agree to meet up at the next stadium the following Sunday.

New York currently sits 0-5 (they were 0-4 when I started writing this) and it’s become alarmingly clear that this team is going to get worse before the season ends. The ‘Los Angeles’ Chargers dominated the Giants and McAdoo was probably just thinking of ways to blame Eli Manning for the loss.

Time to cut ties with this loser. Here are 5 coaches who should replace Benny with the good hair ASAP:

5. Mike Shanahan

Mike Shanahan was one of my favorite head coaches growing up so obviously, this is a personal selection. I also met him in college so he’s basically my best friend. I might Facetime him right now to see if he’s interested.

His zone blocking scheme revolutionized the NFL and with the Giants current offensive line struggles, they could use some tricks and smart plays. Paul Perkins is the worst running back in the NFL and I guarantee Shanahan would transform him into the leading rusher. See Reuben Droughns.

I should also point out that Shanahan is a Trump supporter which I found out before I wrote this but here we are. In his defense, I bet everyone on this list is a Trump supporter. Rich white people are the wooorst.


Written by Deadseriousness

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