5 Awesome Yet Practical Gifts for Sports Fans

The holidays are coming quickly around the corner and Black Friday as well, so it could already be time to think about your Christmas gifts. If you’ve got a sports fan in your family, or you’re dating one, there are plenty of fun options for presents. These gadgets are not only great for improving your skills but they’re practical as well. They can all be stowed away in their own case or folded up out of sight. Some are also portable, so you can take them on vacation or for a game night at your friend’s place.


Foldable ping pong table


If you know a sports fan who figures they’re awesome at ping pong, then why not get them their own indoor table tennis table? This one from Walmart is perfectly compact and can be folded and stored when you’re not using it. It’s fine for those who don’t have a game room, you can play in your very own living room then put it away when you’re done. It’s also fun for all the family around the holidays.


Indoor putting green


Maybe someone in your family is more of a golfer, but the weather’s too cold to play at the moment. This indoor putting green could be a great solution. You can unpack it anywhere and practice getting a hole in one. It measures at around 3 by 9 feet and can work on pretty much any surface, just as long as you don’t point it towards anyway windows or breakable nicknacks. It’s not expensive so it makes a fun stocking filler or secret Santa gift for your friends at the office.


Portable pitching machine


This portable pitching machine is great for anyone who wants to practice their baseball or softball skills at home. If you know someone who would use a little batting practice, then this is ideal for them. It’s portable, so you can play anywhere. Any baseball fans can turn any room of the house or their yard into a batting cage.


Portable paddle board


Paddle boards are actually incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. People don’t just simply use them for paddling anymore, you can also take them fishing or do yoga with your paddle board. Another great thing is that this collection is all inflatable, so you can find the Best paddle board for the sports fan in your family. They come in their own pack so are great for taking on vacation or a day out.


3 in 1 combo game table (pool, hockey, foosball)

If you can’t decide which indoor game to get the sports fan you know then this 3 in 1 table has it all. It’s got three levels so you choose whether to play pool, hockey, or foosball. It doesn’t take up much space, or certainly only a third of the space of three tables, but you can take your pick which game to play. It’s great for kids and adults alike and ideal for family tournaments this holiday season.


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