4 Year Old Son Blow into Breathalyzer for Black Out Drunk Mom

Okay, before you throw stones at this mom, do you know how hard it is to get a babysitter midday? Now I know a lot of you are now like “maybe you shouldn’t be at the bar midday.” Here’s the thing. Happy Hour. 35-year old, April R. King, was thirsty and stopped by the local bar real quick for a pint or two. She just happened to have toddlers with her.

Police were called Sunday after the woman, April R. King, left her kids ages 2 and 4, inside a running vehicle to go inside a Froggers Grill and Bar, 1601 N. Rock Springs Rd., to drink.

King, 35, apparently left the kids unattended for about 20 minutes. Employees told police that she left the bar, and drove around in the parking lot before going to a business next door to the bar.

When police arrived, King was outside her vehicle. She was slurring her speech, smelled of alcohol and was unstable on her feet, according to the arrest affidavit.


20 minutes and she couldn’t walk or talk? King must’ve had a reaaaal rough morning. Ran into the bar and asked for an entire bottle.

Getting black out drunk in 20 minutes is only a result of butt chugging. Either that or she was blacking out at home that morning, ran into the bar, got one beer before the bartender kicked her out for being too drunk and she stumbled back to her car in shame. I’m just going to go ahead with the butt chugging theory.



As police were interviewing King, the boy went to the front seat and blew on the Breathalyzer, the video showed.

King’s husband told police the Breathalyzer was installed because she recently gotten out of rehab.


And here’s where you realize this is a regular occurrence. The 4-year old just knew to crawl into the driver’s seat and start the car by blowing his sober little baby breath into the court ordered breathalyzer.He knew the drill. Just like they practiced. I assume this boy not only blows into the car but drives that shit home too.

That’s just parenting 101. Train your kids to drive you home from the bar. Doesn’t matter if they’re 4 or 24, they should be ready to jump into that driver’s seat and start the car.

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