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4 Ways To Fix The NFL’s Awful Overtime Rules

NFL Championship weekend had a lot of drama. Everyone is talking about the awful missed passed interference call that cost the New Orleans Saints the Super Bowl but the real story from the playoffs is how terrible the overtime rules are.

Two games this season ended in ties. That’s insane.

All of these testorone filled assholes who scream at youth football programs for handing out ‘participation’ trophies are the same people who are totally okay with an NFL game ending in a tie and both teams shaking hands at the end like ‘wow, that was fun. Sure neither of us won but hey, none of lost either. What a fun day playing with my friends outside’.

But the silly overtime rules really took centerstage when the New England Patriots won the coin toss and proceeded to march down the field for a touchdown to win the game without the Kansas City Chiefs even getting the opportunity to get the ball back and return serve.

Sooooo, the Super Bowl team was basically determined by the luck of a coin toss that has nothing to do with any aspect of the actual game of football? Word. Let’s change this shit.

Here are 4 ways to fix the NFL’s awful overtime rules:

1. Don’t Change a Thing

The NFL lives by the code ‘any press is good press’. Whether everyone is shitting on the league or celebrating it, at least the NFL is being discussed at the watercooler this week instead of True Detective theories.

They already changed the sudden death rule a few years ago so that if the team that wins the coin toss kicks a field goal in their first possession, the other team gets the ball back. They really thought that would end the drama.

The NFL is dumb.

Again, they don’t seem to really care. ESPN is going to exclusively talk football for the next two weeks regardless. They don’t need to change a thing.

2. Play The Full Quarter Out

Just count the overtime as a 5th quarter and play the clock out. Personally, I don’t want to watch a football game for like, 4 hours so I’m not totally in love with this idea but it would for sure solve the problem of teams winning a game because they called ‘heads’.

The NFL pretends to care about player safety so forcing teams to play an extra 15 minutes might kill these guys. Imagine playing a full 5th quarter on Sunday night and then having to go to Detroit on a short week to play that Thursday Afternoon Thanksgiving game. There’d be a revolt.

3. College Football Rules

This is problably the correct solution. Here are the college football overtime rules:

  • Each team gets one possession starting from the opponent’s 25-yard line.
  • If the score is still tied after both possessions, the process repeats, but the team that went first goes second, and vice versa.
  • After two overtime periods, no extra points are allowed. Only two-point conversions.

The big change you’d have to make from these rules is where the ball starts. In college, you can start the ball on the 25-yard line because most programs have kickers that are also water boys. NFL kickers make millions to be able to hit from the 25 so it’s way to easy to get points.

If you want to keep it on the 25-yard line, you can make a ‘touchdowns only’ rule and completely eliminate kicking from overtime which I’m 1000% okay with. You have 4 downs to score a touchdown or you lose.

This is also gets rid of the power of the coin toss. If you win the toss, you can decide whether or not to get the first posession or the second but if you have to score a touchdown to win then there’s no real strategic advantage to either option.

4. First to 8

Look, I wrote the headline before I came up with the ideas and I’m not about to sit hear and BACKSPACE anything. So here’s something random that’s floating in my brain and I admit, it’s worse than the previous option but walk with me here.

The first team to score 8 points wins. So, when the Patriots march down the field and score in overtime, they don’t automatically win. They have to convert a two-point conversion. If they fail to do so, the Chiefs would get the ball back with a chance to score.

Turn the clocks off. First team to get 8 points on the board wins. Whether it’s a touchdown and a two-point conversion. Or if it’s 3 field goals. First to 8. The coin toss doesn’t matter. Pickup backyard football time.

NFL, hire me.




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