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4 Ways Mike Miller Can Save The New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have 4 wins this season. They are bad at basketball. I have no idea who plays for the Golden State Warriors and they’ve won more games.

Not only are the Knicks losing but they’re being blown out every night. They are last in net rating, points allowed and opponent field goal percentage. NBA defense is a coaching effort so needless to say, Dave Fizdale had to go.

Yes, the Knicks being trash has less to do with Fizdale and more to do with this front office signing infinity power forwards but again, there’s a difference between losing and losing by 50 points night after night.

Enter Mike Miller.

Mike Miller has led the Knicks G-League team to the playoffs 3 of the last 4 seasons and they’ve had a Top 10 defense each of the last 4 years. I can say with complete confidence he’s a better coach than Fizdale.

This team is trash. I can’t stress that enough. There aren’t any good players under contract. But I trust coach Miller will get the most out of these G-Leaguers. It’s his specialty.

Here are 4 ways Mike Miller can save the New York Knicks:

1. Play young players

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The most frustrating part of the Dave Fizdale experience was his weird junior varsity high school tryouts approach towards playing time. Young players had to ‘earn’ minutes instead of developing by actually playing in games. I don’t know how good Damyean Dotson gets by playing against Wayne Ellington in practice but I bet he learns some shit trying to guard Jimmy Butler though.

If you’re going to lose every game, then you have to determine which players you can build around in the future and which players you need to move on from.

How is the Knicks (ATROCIOUS) front office supposed to evaluate young “talent” if they never play?

How are other teams going to put any value on Kevin Knox when Fizdale was randomly giving him DNP’s so that he can run Taj Gibson more.

Ignas Brazdeikis can get buckets. The Knicks are last in the NBA in scoring. Why is he the 15th man and Bobby Portis plays 21 minutes a game? Let’s find out if these kids can ball.

2. Install defensive principles

The Knicks front office put together an awful roster. David Fizdale didn’t stand a chance. But no team should be losing by 35+ points in back-to-back games. That’s the result of a man having no idea how to coach defense and it was obvious.

This team switches too frequently thus always giving opponents advantages on offense. Their pick and roll defense is trash and worst of all, opponents are allowed to shoot wide open 3’s consistently. This shitty roster constantly packs the paint like they’re playing against the Bad Boy Pistons in 1987.

Defend the three-point line. All game.

Oh, and Mike Miller needs to beat in Mitchell Robinson’s head the importance of staying on the court. Mitchell Robinson is the only real rim protector on this team.

Let Marcus Morris handle all the hard fouls in the paint. That’s what he’s there for. Mitch needs to just jump straight up and swat shots. The team is astronomically better with Robinson on the floor.

And if we’re talking x’s and o’s, I never understood why the Knicks have the worst transition defense in the NBA.

This team should be running up and down the court after every change of possession. Their halfcourt offense stinks. Get the defense off guard and run it up the court like the Mike D’Antoni Phoenix Suns.

That means Julius Randle and Bobby Portis need to stop trying to go coast-to-coast. Get the ball to Elfrid Payton or RJ Barrett and fucking GO.

3. Get Dennis Smith Jr OUT of Here

Dennis Smith Jr is the worst player on this basketball team. In 16 games he’s shooting 32% fro the field, 29% from three and 56% from the free throw line. YUCK.

He does zero things well on the court. He chucks up bricks and as a point guard, he doesn’t make anyone on the floor better. Elfrid Payton is an assist machine and Frank Ntilikina is a difference-maker defensively.

Dennis Smith Jr is a bum that Luka Doncic couldn’t play next to and I’m convinced he can play alongside anyone. Except DSJ, of course. Dennis Smith has made 2 of his last 19 shot attempts in the last three games.

*whispers* Kadeem Allen is better.

4. Do something about Julius Randle or I will

Julius Randle has been given a green light to iso whenever he feels like it and he is in no way skilled enough to constantly take on entire defenses 1-on-5 as he clumsily charges into the paint without the vision to pass the ball out when he’s doubled so he instead throws up these wild hook shots and bricks off the backboard.

Marcus Morris is the best player on the Knicks and a huge part of his success— surprisingly—is his shot selection and basketball knowledge as he seems to always know what part of the game he needs to be in attack mode and when others should get involved. He’s the only real NBA player on this team.

I need Mike Miller to pull Julius Randle aside and control his nonsense before I Tonya Harding his ass and break his knees with a steel pipe in the MSG locker room.

The Knicks might fuck around and win 9 games this season thanks to Mike Miller.

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