4 Vacation Destinations You Should Consider Visiting In Your Lifetime

With the exception of 2020 and the current pandemic, summertime would usually mark that time of the year when you start to plan to pack off with family or a loved one for a long-awaited relaxing vacation. But if you cannot go this year, there’s nothing stopping you from planning for next year. In case you’re not sure of where to go for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, don’t worry, we’ve already done some of the work for you. Check out this enticing list below.

1. Ruidoso, New Mexico


This is a highland vacation town popular for its colorful scenery and the allures in its suburbs. Positioned on a mountain range, it is home to the famous “Rim Trail.” In New Mexico, The Rim Trail is widely regarded as an excellent hiking route. During the winter, snowboarding lovers and skiers alike are attracted to Apache. Should you be interested in this physical sport, snowboard shops are your best bet to acquire the proper gear you may need. Boat rides on Lake Mescalero are also popular here. You can be assured of a fruitful fun-filled evening at the Ruidoso Inn called “Mountain Gods.” Here you will find busy pubs, restaurants, and casinos to satisfy every fun crave you may have.

2. Blue Ridge, Georgia

If you are searching for a private sanctuary in an out-of-the-way mountain town, you may want to consider Blue Ridge. It is a natural resort jewel located in the Appalachian Mountains. And if you are an animal or nature lover, you are likely to sight several herds of deer, mountain goats, and smoky waterfalls. You are bound to find fireplaces in the living spaces and modern home theatres to entertain you during quiet moments. Jacuzzi tubs are also available to provide that extra soothing warmth you deserve after a long hike on the mountain range. Does it sound like your perfect mountain destination spot?

3. Pembrokeshire, Wales

Britain’s only national coastal park is located in Pembrokeshire, Wales. And if you love beaches, soft golden sands, and general calming experience, then you should add this location to your vacation considerations. It is also the perfect location to sight dolphins, seals, and rocky cliffs. With its strikingly beautiful flora, you can be assured of a vacation well-spent with several memories captured on your camera. If you can afford to travel to Pembrokeshire, take the opportunity to sample the most delicious meals you can ever find.

4. San Lameer, North Coast, South Africa


In Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, you get a taste of the African continent. It is a magnificent location on the Kwazulu-Natal coastline, and it provides you with the luxury you desire. Once again, if you can afford it, put it up on your list of places to spend quality time. Furthermore, because it is close to two cities (Durban and Ballito), you can easily access the airport when you have to leave the country.


Your vacation destination should hold pleasant lifelong memories for you. So while it is your time, finances, and everything at your pace, remember to dress appropriately for your location. 



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