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4 Things The New York Knicks Need To Do To Beat The Golden State Warriors

Sooo, I think it’s safe to say that the Golden State Warriors are the best team of all time. Kevin Durant, being the little bitch that he is, decided to join a 73 win team and now they have all the cheat codes to win NBA titles whenever they want.

The Knicks stink. The gap between these two organizations is the distance of a thousand Grand Canyons. But walk with me. Take my hand. I have the solution, probably.


Here are 4 things the New York Knicks need to do to beat the Golden State Warriors:

1. Spend the 2018-19 Season Acquiring Assets.

This summer, the Knicks can’t do a single thing.

A guy like Kawhi Leonard, a Top 5 player in the NBA, becomes available because he wants to be traded to a bigger market and the Knicks have zero quality assets to give to the San Antonio Spurs. Last summer, Kyrie Irving demands the same thing and even says he wants to play for the Knicks anddd the Knicks have zero quality assets to give back.

Let’s put Kristaps Porzingis in the ‘untradable’ box. He is the star of the team and yes, he gets hurt and blah blah but like, his ceiling is Anthony Davis and his floor is well, where he currently is, an NBA All-Star. That leaves Frank Ntilikina and this year’s No. 9 pick as the only good assets the Knicks have and honestly, the No. 9 pick isn’t even that valuable of a draft pick.

*sniff sniff* You smell that? Yes, that smells like another tank SZN, babyyyy. Let’s goooo. Rest Porzingis, and run out a bunch of young TALENTED players that will lose games. This season is the Knicks chance to find which young and cheap players they can keep on their roster and which young and cheap players they can package for the next unhappy star that wants to play in a bigger market.

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