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4 Teams That Should Trade For Jamal Adams

The New York Jets are New York Jetsing again. Their star safety, Jamal Adams, wants a new contract and the Jets are ignoring his texts.

From the Jets perspective, it makes some level of sense. New GM, Joe Douglas, is establishing a precedent. He will not re-negotiate with players who still have 2 years left on their current contract. Understood.

But Jamal Adams is arguably the best safety in the NFL depending on how you feel about Minkah Fitzpatrick and Tyrann Mathieu. Adams was First-Team All-Pro last season and he missed two games.

If the Jets aren’t going to sign him then let’s wildly speculate about fake trades. Here are 4 teams that should trade for Jamal Adams:


1. Philadelphia Eagles

I know the Dallas Cowboys have been thrown into the Jamal Adams trade conversation since his rookie year because Adams is a Cowboys fan and because Cowboys fans are the loudest online and believe they deserve every All-Pro player in the league.

But it makes far more sense for the Eagles to trade for Adams here. After losing Malcolm Jenkins to the Saints, Philadelphia has a hole in their secondaryy that acquiring Darius Slay from Detroit isn’t going to fill.

2. Cincinnati Bengals

This could be Joe Douglas’s chance to put his foot down and declare that if you don’t want to be on the Jets then you’ll be hurled into the sun. Enjoy the last place Cincinnati Bengals, bitch. Also, the Bengals will have the best draft stash to return to New York if that’s another reason to make the move outside of spite.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fuck it, give Tampa Bay all of the stars. All-Pro players and future Hall of Famers at every position. We rarely see super teams in the NFL but the world needs this now more than ever. Sure, they drafted safety Antoine Winfield in the 2nd round but it’s possible to put together packages for everyone. Everybody can eat.

Plus, Todd Bowles is one of the best defensive coordinators in the league was fired as the Jets coach for reasons out of his control. It would be kind of the Jets to make up for their mistake by giving him a Jamal Adams to play with this season. Fair is fair.

4. New York Giants

What are you, new here? Of course I put the New York Giants on this list. The Giants stink and have been one of the worst teams of the last five years for various reason but the most important reason has been bad drafting which has resulted in them overspending for guys that aren’t that great.

Well time to cheat off the Jets paper and trade for one of their great draft picks. And after the Giants took Leonard Williams off their hands last season, how about some quid pro quo over here and send Jamal Adams to the Giants so that Dave Gettleman can be an asshole and also not pay him.



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