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4 Teams That Need To Trade For DeMar DeRozan

I recognize the headline is a tad aggressive. One could make the argument that no one ‘needs’ DeMar DeRozan but the San Antonio Spurs currently sit in the 11th seed with a 10-15 record and one of those wins came from beating the Houston Rockets because James Harden uh, dunked too hard(?)

There are already rumors that the Spurs are floating DeRozan’s name around in trade rumors or at the very least, teams are calling the Spurs inquiring and the Spurs aren’t hanging up the phone.

The 30-year old All-Star shooting guard is scoring 21.7 a night on 51.4% shooting from the field which is wild for a cat who can’t not shoot contested midrange jumpers. Truly the exception to the rule.

(Ignore that he’s only shooting 33% from 3 which is disgusting but he’s shooting less than one 3-pointer a game so at least he’s not chucking knowing he’s going to deflate the ball smashing it against the side of the backboard).

Everyone thinks Bradley Beal will be on the move this season but he and Washington seem to be a daily living example of ‘misery loves company’ as they don’t want to stop losing games together.

DeMar DeRozan is the best shooting guard available and can get buckets early and often.

Here are 4 teams that need to trade for DeRozan immediately:

1.New York Knicks

2019-20 new york knicks

From this point forward, whenever a superstar becomes available, the Knicks need to make a move. For whatever reason, this front office still believes that they can build through free agency even though the Knicks have literally never signed a top free agent ever. Ever. Never ever.

It also doesn’t seem to matter who’s in charge of this team, none of these fuckers can draft talent. Frank Ntilikina and Kevin Knox suck. It’s early but I get the feeling that RJ Barrett, too, sucks.

So they need to build a squad via trade. DeRozan is only 30 years old and he’d the most talented player this franchise has had since they traded for Carmelo Anthony. Or since Ron Baker.

2. Orlando Magic

markelle fultz

Markelle Fultz is the best point guard in the league right now, according to 25 second clips on Twitter and if the Orlando Magic want to capitalize on their theft of the former No. 1 overall draft pick from the Sixers then they’re going to need to get this man some HELP.

The Magic are currently clinging to the 8th seed. Dope. They’re get slaughtered by Giannis in the first round.

They needed a bucket getter to help them move up to the top half of the conference. Toronto was a 1 seed with DeRozan as their best player. He’d walk onto the Magic and instantly become one of the best guards in the East. Well, behind Fultz of course.

3. Miami Heat

I think the Heat are going to the Finals this season. But that’s assuming they make a move for an All-Star. Everyone is linking them to Chris Paul but I don’t see a world where 1.) Chris Paul ever makes the Finals and 2.) Jimmy Butler doesn’t immediately start no-call no-showing games to avoid dealing with CP3’s fuckery.

The Heat might not even need to give up any of their rotation players to acquire DeRozan. Put James Johnson, Kelly Olynk and high as hell Dion Waiters in a package with some draft picks and you can run lineups with Kendrick Nunn, Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, DeMar DeRozan and Bam Adebayo WRECKING shit.

4. Dallas Mavericks

sacramento kings luka doncic

Full disclosure: I’m very much rooting against the Mavs. I hate seeing my ex, Kristaps, look all happy and shit with his new hot young Slovenian bae, Luka, but I will be the better man here and put my feelings to the side in order to see the most competitive NBA basketball possible.

But I don’t think I need to sit here and explain that DeMar DeRozan is better than Tim Hardaway Jr. Drive on down to your local YMCA. Everyone playing pickup ball there is better than Tim Hardaway Jr. DeRozan is averaging more points, rebounds, assists, is shooting a better percentage from the field and I don’t know much about DeRozan’s dad but he’s not publically homophobic like Tim Hardaway so that’s an added plus.




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