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4 Reasons Why X-Men: Dark Phoenix Is Going To Be Straight Garbage


Totally forgot this movie was happening and I honestly wish it wasn’t Fox has exclusively released mediocre comic book movies, which doesn’t seem like the best business model, and with Disney/Marvel owning the rights soon, I hoped that the next X-Men movie we’d see was in Marvel Studios hands where their business model appears to be ‘make dope shit’. It’s working for me.

But nope, Fox gets one more crack at this to finish up their (third??) X-Men trilogy that no one asked for. Yay.

Here are 4 reasons why X-Men Apocalypse is Going To Be Straight Trash:

1. Who Cares About These Characters?

Dark Phoenix is a sequel to Apocalypse. Apocalypse came out in 2016 and Dark Phoenix comes out in 2019. You can’t have a three-year gap when we barely tolerated Apocalypse. This isn’t a Pixar movie. Bang these movies out faster.

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I wasn’t exaggerating earlier. I honestly forgot this movie was happening. But most importantly, I forgot about these characters. These X-Men movies are so fascinated with Charles Xavier, Magneto and Wolverine that they skipped over the part where they develop all of the other 100 characters they’ve shoved in for no reason because it clearly wasn’t for the fans.

Sophie Turner is Jean Grey, apparently. Oh. I’m assuming she was in Apocalypse too? I don’t even know which actor plays Cyclops. All they care about is making sure Jennifer Lawrence is in every single scene because she’s the highest paid actor in this series and they need to get their money’s worth

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