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4 Reasons Why The Toronto Raptors Are Going To Beat The Golden State Warriors

Raptors in 4.

The Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors are about to do war in the NBA Finals which might be the most exciting Finals we’ve seen in a half decade as LeBron James is finally at home and new blood from the East has emerged in his absence.

The Raptors are going to win the championship and I am going to keep saying that so that I have a reason to watch these games. Last year was a sweep and after JR Smith blew Game 1, the next three games were trash.

Believe the lie with me. Here are 4 reasons why the Toronto Raptors are going to beat the Golden State Warriors:

1. No Kevin Durant

kevin durant new york knicks

The Golden State Warriors are being very coy about Durant’s calf injury, or at least they think they’re being coy. It’s very clear that Kevin Durant is still very much limping around everywhere.

It’s being reported that he’s going to miss the first two games of the Finals but there are zero signs that he’ll wake up the morning of Game 3 ready to ball.

KD’s calf is torn. He can’t play basketball.

And yes, I’m aware that the Warriors beat Houston and swept Portland with Durant. The Toronto Raptors are not the Portland Trailblazers. Did you watch Portland giving Steph Curry wide open 3’s off of ball screens?

Did you see them melt in the 4th quarters of every game?

Yea, Kawhi Leonard has no idea what the word ‘pressure’ means. He isn’t afraid of Golden State like Chris Paul is.

2. Home Court

nick nurse drake

The closest we’ve come to witnessing this Golden State dynasty going down was against Houston last season when Houston had home court advantage.

The Warriors are front runners who feed off their crowd going nuts after Klay makes two consecutive 3’s like he’s a fun uncle pulling a nickel from behind his 4-year old nephew’s ear.

Oh, and Toronto is 8-2 at home these playoffs. Mad decent.

I don’t have much to say about Drake’s presence but for SEO purpose…Drake will be there too or whatever.

3. Kawhi Leonard, Fun Guy

toronto raptors golden state warriors

Kawhi is the best basketball player on planet Earth and there’s no further discussion. Kawhi just made the 2018-19 NBA MVP look like Greek Reggie Evans. My man is averaging 31.2 points on 50.2% shooting from the field and 38.8% from behind the arc. He’s healthy as hell.

Kawhi already has a Finals MVP under his belt and he’s become an astronomically better basketball player since then.

Everyone uses the bullshit ‘does he make the players around him better’ argument when attempting to argue at the bar about which player is better than the next but Kawhi has straight up transformed Kyle Lowry into a starting point guard when in previous years we’ve seen ‘Playoff Kyle’ be the punchline of jokes for weeks.

DeMar DeRozan could never.

Who is going to lock down Kawhi?

Andre Iguodala is limping in on one leg, oh, and he’s 58 years old. Draymond Green is their center. If he’s guarding Kawhi than who is guarding Pascal Siakam or Marc Gasol, two big men who are versatile enough to stay on the floor unlike Enes ‘Can’t Play’ Kanter and Zach ‘My Dad is a Lawyer’ Collins.

The Spurs traded Kawhi to Toronto for DeMar DeWiggins and a Netflix subscription.

4. Zaza Pachulia Isn’t Around

Fuck Zaza. Raptors in 4.


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