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4 Reasons Why The New York Yankees Shouldn’t Even Consider Trading For Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard

There is a lot of chatter recently about the New York Mets punting on the 2018 season after being beat over the head with injuries and new manager Mickey Calloway turning out to the human embodiment of the gif of John Travolta walking into a room confused.

It would be smart for the Mets to look to collect assets for their two starting pitchers that led them to the World Series just a few years ago. The Mets don’t have a farm system. They have zero depth. Having two great statrting pitchers and outfield that consists of high schoolers and Citifield employees isn’t the best balance.

Now, it’s very well known that the Mets refuse to make deals with the Yankees. They refused to trade Lucas Duda to the Bronx last season and you know for a fact when Tampa Bay called they pulled the trigger as fast as they could to send him into the AL East.

But here’s the thing, the Yankees don’t want those two bums either. The Mets don’t need to act as if the Yankees are desperately begging for those two. Brian Cashman is smoking cigars with Derek Jeter laughing about that Giancarlo Stanton heist. Send those guys with Matt Harvey to Cincinnati or whatever.

But here are 4 reasons why the New York Yankees shouldn’t even consider trading for Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard:

1. Injury History

Noah Syndergaard throws no less than 4 million miles per hour on his fastball. It’s honestly startling. I get anxiety for the players in the batter’s box that have to stand there praying that Syndergaard doesn’t lose control and commit a homicide.

Having said that, you throw that hard and your arm is going to fall off. Noah is coming off a torn lat that erased his 2017 season. deGrom hyperextended his elbow this season batting and if I know the New York Mets organization like I think I know the New York Mets organization, they are going to ruin that elbow and turn it into a career-threatening nightmare. You could catch a cold in a Mets uniform and next thing you know, you’re a vegetable and your spouse is being asked if they want to pull the plug on you.


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