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4 Reasons Why The New York Giants Shouldn’t Trade For Josh Rosen

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It is now being reported that the New York Giants have ‘expressed interest’ in trading for Josh Rosen, which makes sense considering that the current QB1 is 38 years old and hasn’t had the arm strength or balls to throw a deep ball since 2014.

With the laundry list of mistakes this organization has made the past few seasons, there appears to be a groundswell of fans clamoring for the acquisition of Chosen Rosen.

Let’s chill with that.

Here are reasons why the New York Giant shouldn’t trade for Josh Rosen

1. Josh Rosen sucks

josh rosen

On the surface, it’s a bit unfair to judge Rosen on his awful rookie season because he wasn’t placed in a position to succeed. He threw 11 touchdowns to pair excellently with his 14 interceptions. He threw an interception on nearly 4% of his throws.

But what’s most concerning should be the fact that Josh Rosen averaged only 5.80 yards per attempt. Yards per attempt is a strong indicator of not only the strength of a quarterbacks arm but his level of awareness and confidence to send the ball downfield.

Guys like Peyton Manning and Jared Goff struggled in their rookie season and managed to have prettyyyy decent careers afterward. David Carr and Ryan Leaf also had bad rookie seasons and yea, we know how those stories ended.

2. Do not trust Dave Gettleman

Dave Gettleman has made so bad decisions that it’s insane to think that Gettleman will suddenly snap his fingers and make a smart, financially sound acquisition.

We don’t need to run through the Odell Beckham trade again. We know that was dumb. There is no nuance there. But if you want to know everything about Dave Gettleman look no further than the series of decisions that led to the acquisitions of Jabrill Peppers and Golden Tate.

After letting Landon Collins go in free agency (when they could’ve franchise tagged him and then traded him for draft capitol) they received a 3rd round compensatory pick for Washington. Word. By signing Golden Tate, they not only surroundered that compensatory pick but now they owe one to Philadelphia all because they chose to sign an expensive player on the decline to replace the most dynamic player in the league.

OH, and instead of receiving two first round draft picks for Odell, they got the 17th overall pick and Jabrill Peppers ‘who is basically like getting another first round pick’ to replace Landon Collins, a player who again, is better than the replacement.

Dave Gettleman is dumb enough to trade the 6th pick and Saquon Barkley for Josh Rosen. He’s the worst GM in the NFL.

3. Just. Draft. Haskins.

Stop being cute. The Giants have no finesse out here in these streets. They cannot pull off the manuever they are attempting here. Don’t try to be clever. Don’t overthink things.

There’s about a 90% chance that Dwayne Haskins will be available at No. 6. Just draft him. Billy, don’t be a hero. Haskins is the best prospect and is ALREADY BETTER than Josh Rosen. What are we doing here?

4. Strive for better

eli manning

Moving from Eli Manning to Josh Rosen is like going from one abusive relationship to the next abusive relationship because it’s what you expect. It’s all you know.

We’ve watched Eli Manning close his eyes and chuck it directly into Darren Sharper’s chest for two decades now. He was able to turn superhuman in the postseason as the Giants marched to two massive Super Bowl victories but 1. That was almost ten years ago and 2. That does not mean he was ever great.

Eli handing the baton to Rosen would be the Giants saying ‘we enjoy never having a Top 15 quarterback in the NFL’. There are so many great quarterbacks in the league right now, it would be a damn shame to settle in for another 13 years of peaking at 9-7.

Let’s not settle for Rosen. We can do better. Move on from your ex. The best revenge is a happy blah blah. You get it.

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