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4 Reasons Why The Houston Rockets Are Going To Beat the Golden State Warriors

The Houston Rockets are going to beat the Golden State Warriors and no one can tell me otherwise. This is the year. This is our year. Everything has been leading up to this moment. Houston saw Golden State leading the NBA in 3-point shooting every year and were like ‘oh yea? watch this shit’ and this is the final result.

Mike D’Antoni’s cocaine offense led the Rockets to the best record in the NBA and home-court advantage against these Warriors. Shoot 3’s. Don’t ever stop shooting 3’s. I truly believe this team was constructed in a lab specifically to defeat the Warriors and it’s time to unleash Morey’s masterpiece upon the world.


Here are 4 reasons why the Houston Rockets are going to beat the Golden State Warriors:



I’ve loved the James Harden led Houston Rockets teams that Daryl Morey has put together over the last few seasons. The Rockets post Indeed job listings searching for ‘6’6 tattooed goons that can shoot from behind the arc and not afraid to use all 6 of their personal fouls and their 2 technical fouls’.

The Warriors are a pretty care-free, easy going basketball team but if they start to get a few bad calls or their shots don’t drop, they are susceptible to getting their minds fucked with and next thing you know, Draymond Green is punching dicks and Kevin Durant is threating referees.

Don’t be shocked if PJ Tucker goes on all fours behind Klay Thompson and Gerald Green pushed Thompson over Tucker’s back coming out of halftime. The Rockets have the clear Goon advantage.


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